Harish Gupta

Marketo Program Structure Audit

Blog Post created by Harish Gupta on Nov 19, 2019

One of the challenges which marketers face is build-up over time of activities with inconsistent program names. Without a clear and logical method of organizing and naming the folders, it becomes very difficult for any marketer to find the correct program and data. Results of such disorganization can include operational and resource inefficiencies as well as inaccurate reporting.


Parameters to be evaluated during Program audit:


  • Have programs templates been built for major marketing activities e.g. Email, nurture, events, web?
  • Do teams following the process of program template cloning for all new program?
  • Does the program have folder structure that goes 2-4 levels deep and includes, at minimum the year, the month, initiative, tactic and program owner?
  • Does the program use program tokens?
  • Have the assets and smart campaigns with in the program been named generically?
  • Does the program have all the correct progression?
  • Does the program template have progression to move the person from one stage to another?
  • Does program have period cost for reporting in RCE?


Guidelines to be considered while building the better program structure:


  • Create the program templates for each type of program incase the template is missing
  • Create the progression in all the programs/programs template so the person can move from one stage to another in the program
  • Add the necessary token in the program template
  • Establish a standard practice by which all programs are routinely tagged with cost, channel and other relevant information
  • Separate out and archive old and/or unused programs
  • Develop a universally usable and easily understood program naming convention