Sant Singh Rathaur

Have you started using saved rules for smart list and flow?

Blog Post created by Sant Singh Rathaur on Apr 21, 2019

I am really loving this new feature in marketo sky which allow you to save the smart list criteria into saved rules or flow criteria into saved flows and then you can use these saved rules and flows into any new smart campaign you are building. I find it very helpful in my case because:


1. Sometime we are run the campaigns on multiple channels and we need to update the lead source value from the flow on the basis of url source value

2. We also run the campaigns on multiple countries and we need to tag the country with every leads


There might so many other cases like courses, SF task creations, seperate thank you emails on the basis of any condition depending on your own business use case. So, you just have to save these rules and flows and when you want to use it, just drag and drop it.












Marketo team have created very helpful short videos, where you can learn how to create these rules and flows. So, you just have to click on 'i' Information icon just beside the saved rules in the smart list section and saved flow in the flow section. Click on show me, watch the video.



Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 11.07.18 am.pngScreen Shot 2019-04-22 at 11.06.55 am.png


I am sure you will love the feature as I did.