• Looking for a Dynamic, Creative Demand Gen Marketing Manager (Galleria area)

    Demand Generation Marketing Manager   Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions is the market-leading provider of enterprise legal spend and matter management and legal analytics solutions. Corporate legal and insura...
    Kevin Romeis
    created by Kevin Romeis
  • Seeking a Demand Gen Manager in The Woodlands

    Hi guys!   Our company is looking to expand our team. We are hiring for a Demand Gen Manager, job details below. To apply, contact shayne.forsyth@veriforce.com.   Veriforce, located in The Woodlands, TX (...
    Erica Gannon
    created by Erica Gannon
  • Notes from HOU MUG September Meeting

    Thanks again to everyone who joined us for lunch today! And a BIG thank you to our impromptu speaker, Kashif Khurshid, for the great intro course on attribution reporting and customer journeys.   From Today's Mee...
    Kim Gandy
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  • Marketo Fearless Forum Contest

    HEY MUG MEMBERS!! We’re challenging all Houston User Group members on the video with your MUG name and what you want to hear us feature in the next Fearless Forum. The MUG with the most comments by September 30 ...
    Amanda Thomas
    created by Amanda Thomas
  • Anyone using Linkedin Forms?

    How is your experience? How was implementation? How's the Marketo Integration?
    Amanda Thomas
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  • Next MUG meeting?

    Hey, all!   I hope you are all doing well. It has been a while since we last spoke (probably since the summit?).     Just wanted to reach out and see when the next MUG meeting is going to be. We have ...
    Nathaniel Kobza
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  • PROS Houston is Hiring: Marketing Operations Specialist Position

    Hello Everyone : ) I am hiring a Marketing Operations Specialist in Houston and if you are qualified and interested in applying or know someone who is please share and apply at the link below. I'd like to hire this po...
    Enrique Arana
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  • GDPR Info

    Have we received the GDPR content that was shown in last week's meeting? Making sure that I didn't miss it!
    Nathaniel Kobza
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  • Webhook Knowledge

    Anyone in the Houston User Group know a thing or two about webhooks? Thinking we could all get a crash course as part of a future MUG meeting.
    Amanda Thomas
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  • Sponsor a Houston MUG

    Hello Amanda,    I am based in Austin, and I work for a company based out of the Bay Area called Openprise.  We are a data automation company and we integrate with Marketo and we use Marketo internall...
    Aaron Anzaldua
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  • Leveraging Dynamic Content

    We're getting ready to implement capabilities form Evergage to insert dynamic content into our engagement streams. Our engagement streams are more general, so to make content and CTAs more relevant, we're pulling form...
    Amanda Thomas
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  • How do you show your customer's love?

    Hi Houston User Group!   I'm a day late, but for Valentine's day, I think we can share some ideas on how to show your love to your customers. What does your company do?
    Amanda Thomas
    created by Amanda Thomas
  • Fill Out Marketo User Group Member Survey Today!

    Hi MUG Members,   Please fill out the Marketo User Group Member Survey to get more insight into who is attending our User Groups and topics that you would find interesting for upcoming meetings. The survey will c...
  • Dynamic header graphics

    I am trying to identify how to serve up custom email header graphics based on a company name. We have some high-value clients and instead of them getting our regular daily newsletter, we wanted to brand the header wit...
  • Email Deliverability

    Hi All! This was one of the takeaways we presented last meeting, and I know we're still working on it. Thought I'd share the ebook!   https://www.marketo.com/ebooks/email-deliverability/
    Amanda Thomas
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  • Lots of Topics @ Summit

    We're having a great time learning in Vegas! We already have a lot of content to bring back with us. What time would work best for a Houston MUG meeting this month? Please comment below! Valerie Whiting Juan Martinez ...
    Amanda Thomas
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  • Tokens for dates

    I am trying to find a token that I can use for predefined dates and times located in my Smart List. For example, I need to send out an email letting the recipients know their appointment times and dates  - since ...
  • Live webinars vs. Videos-on-demand?

    I need someone smarter than myself to help weigh the pros and cons on doing live webinars vs. videos on demand.   Situation: We provide bi-monthly hurricane outlooks as part of a lead gen tactic. We have an in-...
  • Next Meeting - Friday November 20?

    Thanks for all the turn-out at the first MUG, I wanted to get your feedback and thoughts on a meeting before thanksgiving.   If your company would be like to host the meeting then let me know. I will work on sec...
  • Our Latest Houston MUG Meeting

    Hi All, Thanks for attending our first Houston MUG meeting of 2016. I have compiled meeting notes. I will be creating a few polls over the next week to see where the group is at with marketo, what topics have the mo...
    Amanda Thomas
    created by Amanda Thomas