Kim Gandy

[Webinar] GDPR 201: What to Do Next

Blog Post created by Kim Gandy on Feb 23, 2018

Happy Friday Houston User Group!


As a follow up to our GDPR 101 presentation hosted by Integrate, the Austin User Group is hosting a GDPR 201 webinar on Wednesday, February 28.


This is the first webinar of a series of GDPR presentations, featuring leading GDPR experts, Ed King, CEO and Founder of Openprise, and Chris Arrendale, CEO of Inbox Pros. Experts will share a practical, step-by-step plan for gaining compliance and cover the tougher parts of GDPR that aren’t getting much attention. Webcast topics include:

  • How to inventory EU data in Marketo and across your MarTech stack.
  • Strategies for working with “data processors”, including 3rd party data providers.
  • How to implement data transfer controls.



WHEN: Wednesday, February 28 at 11am CST

RSVP: Sign up here