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Thanks again to Amanda for hosting and everyone who attended yesterday's MUG! We discussed some great Summit sessions and additional Marketo resources. Feel free to share your favorite sessions/presentations below.


Must-See Presentation:

Master Engagement Marketing with Marketo Engagement Programs (presentation at bottom of article)

Josh Hill, RingCentral - Marketo Champion


Favorite Resource:

Marketo-Fu, YouTube channel

Joe Reitz, AWS - Marketo Champion

In case you missed it, Marketo’s updated Activities Data Retention Policy will go into effect August 2018. Check out slides and additional resources from our March MUG for more information.


Slides and Recording

Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy - Overview & FAQ

Storing Activity Data Beyond Retention Policy

Maintaining a Directory of Leads Bouncing Emails


Thank you to Marketo's Mike Reynolds for joining us!

Happy Friday Houston User Group!


As a follow up to our GDPR 101 presentation hosted by Integrate, the Austin User Group is hosting a GDPR 201 webinar on Wednesday, February 28.


This is the first webinar of a series of GDPR presentations, featuring leading GDPR experts, Ed King, CEO and Founder of Openprise, and Chris Arrendale, CEO of Inbox Pros. Experts will share a practical, step-by-step plan for gaining compliance and cover the tougher parts of GDPR that aren’t getting much attention. Webcast topics include:

  • How to inventory EU data in Marketo and across your MarTech stack.
  • Strategies for working with “data processors”, including 3rd party data providers.
  • How to implement data transfer controls.



WHEN: Wednesday, February 28 at 11am CST

RSVP: Sign up here

Kim Gandy

Houston Strong

Posted by Kim Gandy Sep 5, 2017

Hi MUG Houston,


Hope everyone is drying out and made it safely through Hurricane Harvey. If you're looking for ways to help with the relief effort, G2 Crowd will donate $10 to American Red Cross for each product review you submit here.


If you were affected by the storm, don't hesitate to reach out to myself or fellow Houston MUG members.




In order to hopefully save some of my fellow marketers some pain and suffering, here's a link to a list of REST API error codes. They may not provide you with a ton of clarity but they have proven to be a valuable resource for me.

First posted to Nov 06, 2015.


About a month ago I posted a blog on Why You Should Think Mobile First For Your Email Marketing so this article is how you can specifically go about that. Thinking mobile first for your email design is, unfortunately, not a simple task and surprisingly enough the reason for that is a failure on Google's part. Justin Knoo wrote a great article on that topic over at TechCrunch, "Gmail We Need to Talk" but the skinny of it is that Gmail does not support media queries which act as a switch for triggering CSS styles based on a set of rules. So without media queries you can't change images and font sizes based on browser size. That makes emails opened in Gmail not look as elegant as you designed them. Sam Beddoes over at Action Rocket illustrates this perfectly in the below animated gif.




You can, however, build your emails to be fluid using standard CSS techniques and that is illustrated perfectly by Nicole Merlin of Email Wizardry. So what does all this mean for your  mobile first email design? Gmail is not the dominant email client, according to Litmus, but it does matter and until Google gets their act together you have to design in a fluid manner and be mindful of font size and try and stay away from text on images and such things as image maps.

First posted to on October 13, 2015.


The titanic shift we are experiencing from desktop to mobile usage is undeniable. It is forcing marketers to rethink everything they do, from search engine optimization and web design to social media and retail marketing. This shift has never been more critical to any other channel than email marketing. According to data from the US Consumer Device Preference Report: Q4 2013 from Movable Ink, over 65% of emails in the U.S. are now being opened on mobile devices. That’s a slight uptick from 61% in the previous quarter. Now here is the scary stat if you are an email marketer: As the shift to mobile email opens increases, the click-to-open rates are decreasing. According to Campaign Monitor, clicks-to-open rates in mobile email have declined from 13.6% to 11.5% over the course of 2013, and that decline continues into 2014. So why are click-to-open rates decreasing? It’s because most email marketers are still thinking desktop first. Here is an example of “desktop first” thinking from a major furniture brand. This is the landing page from one of their promotional emails. The desktop version has lots of interactivity with fancy hotspots you can scroll over for more information.




Here is the mobile version of the same page where the call to action is to print a coupon. Can you tell that the mobile version wasn’t fully optimized?




To their credit, at least they have a mobile version of the page. Which brings me to the most important statistic of all. According to an eConsultancy report, just one-quarter of companies optimize their emails for mobile. Only 6% integrate mobile into their overall email marketing plans. The bottom line is that if you are one of the 94% of companies that do not consider mobile first in email marketing plans, then you are considerably behind in how your customers want you to engage with them. Change that and I guarantee the ROI of your email marketing will grow substantially.