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Sarah White
Hi everyone,   Would anyone be willing to share examples of language they use in their website privacy policies to account for the Marketo munchkin tracking codes? As we implement our instance, we want to add munchkin tracking code to our website, but I am anticipating that our legal and IT team will need to update our privacy policy… (Show more)
Catherine Ducey
We got a notification from Marketo that our database contains spam traps. Unfortunately, because we have not been using Marketo for that long, the recommended smart list solution does not apply. We were wondering if anyone has used any other solutions to ID and get rid of spam traps that cause black listing.   Best, Catherine Ducey Coppola New… (Show more)
Beth Massura
Hello! At the Adobe Summit higher ed luncheon, there was interest in reactivating this virtual Marketo User Group. Sadly, I didn't even know it existed. So, who's out there? What do you hope to get out of this group? Here are potential talking points: Introduce yourself! How does your organization use Marketo? Who is your audience (e.g.… (Show more)
Catherine Ducey
I was wondering if any schools use a field other than email address as the unique identifier in Marketo? Using email as a unique identifier will create duplicate records for NYU as we ask the graduating classes for updated email addresses and other contact information. We're just wondering if any of our peers have different solutions or… (Show more)
Jennifer Kelly
Does anyone know if YouVisit can be integrated into Marketo?  We are looking at using them for a virtual tour and they have their own dashboard, but I'd rather track people in our Marketo and not have multiple dashboards.