• Marketo updating closed leads in Dynamics

    We have our sync of Marketo/Dynamics set up so that after a lead is closed as qualified or disqualified in Dynamics a workflow changes the SynctoMkto field to No. That way, if there is new activity for the same email ...
    Jenna Stephenson
    created by Jenna Stephenson
  • Lead Process Updating

    We are new to Marketo and use Dynamics--- we previously used a lead record to represent every conversion, so we are having to change this process to work with Marketo. (One Lead record or Contact Record that houses al...
  • MS Dynamics Sync Error

    I'm receiving the error "MS Dynamics Sync Error: Unable to update lead." I don't work in MSD so asked the gentleman who is the admin for it if he has seen anything in error logs referencing Marketo. He said he's not s...
    Karyn Hill
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  • How to I update custom lookup fields from Microsoft Dynamics via Marketo?

    Hello,   I'm having difficulty coming up with a solid solution to update Dynamics custom lookup fields (field referencing other entity) via Marketo. Issue When lookup fields are synced from Dynamics to Marketo...
  • De-duplication and Merge Tool?

    Hi, I know this topic came up on the users group meeting last week. And I think someone mentioned cross entity merging, can you share which tool that is or tools you have found to be useful?  Dan Stevens. it migh...
    Cyndi Marty
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  • Dynamics 365/Marketo Integration

    Our CRM team has been trying to integrate Marketo with our Dynamics 365 CRM.  We've been told by Marketo that 365 is new to them and are still learning this roll out.  Does anyone else have 365 and integrate...
  • Are any Dynamics users using Bizible?

    Hi All,   I'm in the process of evaluating Bizible to help us understand attribution and generated revenue.  Is anyone in the group currently using Bizible?  Would you be willing to have a short call?...
    Amanda Wells
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  • Hiring - Marketing Operations Manager at CSI

    CSI is hiring a Marketing Operations Manager. Microsoft Dynamics and Marketo experience preferred! To learn more, see below or click here.  The marketing operations manager will work to create scalable processes ...
    Jenna Stephenson
    created by Jenna Stephenson
  • Is anyone here a Dynamics CRM Admin as well as a Marketo Admin and User?

    I'm about 3 months into Marketo, and was also dubbed the CRM admin for my company. Looking to connect with those who have worn both hats!
    Christine Librojo
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  • Cancelling August Virtual MUG

    Hello everyone - I hope your summer is going well!   I have a very heavy schedule for the next 4 weeks as we launch the new Marketo instance for Marketo. Our code freeze for the marketers is August 24th and with...
    Paul Wilson
    created by Paul Wilson
  • Sales Insight Video for Dynamics 365

    Does anyone have a video from D365 (using test data) that shows how to use Sales Insights? Or are you aware of one that Marketo has created? We are moving to D365 from Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Online 2016 Update (...
    Charly Hartley
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  • Sync MSD marketing lists to Marketo

    Hey everyone! Is there a way to sync MS Dynamics marketing lists to Marketo? Our sales team only has access to MSD. We want them to be able to add prospects to our nurture campaigns. If the marketing lists could sync ...
    Shannon Vann
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  • July Meeting now on the 17th not the 10th and an ask for help!

    Hello MSD folks - I hope your summer has started out great!   I have taken a new role at Marketo and am now the Director, Marketing Technology Operations managing our internal instance of Marketo and the technol...
    Paul Wilson
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  • Lead Lifecycle question: What trigger do you use to define the transition from SAL to SQL?

    We're setting up our lead lifecycle and could use your help determining the right transition to use between SAL and SQL in the smart campaigns behind the RCM.  Our Marketo admin suggested listening for a Data Val...
    Bekah Logan
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  • Marketing Attribution Software for Dynamics Users

    Hi All - I have asked similar questions recently but realize they may be too targeted...   Are any Dynamics users also implementing a Marketing Attribution program?  If so, could you please let me know whic...
    Amanda Wells
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  • MS Lead Company Names Appearing as Account Names in Opportunity Analyzer

    We seem to be seeing company names from the Dynamics Lead Record appearing as Account Names in our dropdown to select the Account Name on Opportunity Analyzer.   It was our understanding that Opportunity Analyze...
    Adam Monago
    created by Adam Monago
  • Concerning field type change message on MSD

    Dear all,   I have received this morning a message from Marketo with a warning that some field type might have changed, thus causing potential sync issues. A long list of field types have al of a sudden been cha...
    Grégoire Michel
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  • Marketo Performance Insights

    Hi Everyone!   Has any implemented Marketo Performance Insights?  Would you mind sharing your thoughts/feelings towards the program? I would love to make better use of our data and determine the effect Mar...
    Amanda Wells
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  • What is the best practice for using marketo first and later sync with MSD?

    Hi, What is the best practice for using marketo first and later sync with MSD? how do we migrate marketo custom fields and there data after sync with MSD? Please help me to find out best solution. Thank you. Sajith
    Sajith Ekanayake
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  • How to Avoid syncing lead records, Marketo to Dynamics?

    HI, Plase help me to slove this problem. recently, i`m working with to integrate Marketo and  MS Dynamics. Our clients have 3 kinds of leads types and one kind of lead records are not need to sync with Dynmics. ...
    Sajith Ekanayake
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