• Managing Multiple Touches on Lead and Contact Records. Campaigns or Other Alternatives?

    Key issue is this: We use a traditional approach of having a "First Offer" and "Last Offer" field (among others, but this is enough to illustrate the issue). "First Offer" is of course written once for the new lead, a...
    Frank Elley
    created by Frank Elley
  • CRM relaunch and new Marketo instance

    We are in the middle of our CRM relaunch project where we are going to replace our Dynamics 365 CRM with a new instance. With the limitation to sync Marketo only with one CRM instance, we probably have to set up a new...
    Miika Niemelä
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  • Duplicate records created in Marketo after upgrading to Dynamics 365 Online v9

    We upgraded to v9 about a month ago. We thought everything was working fine in terms of some of the known/potential issues with this upgrade - for example, duplicates created in CRM when qualifying a lead if you don't...
    Dan Stevens.
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  • Third-Party Connectors?

    Just doing preliminary investigation on wide range of possible ways to get more robust sync of changes in Dynamics back to Marketo (among other goals). Two questions:   - Are there any third-party connectors wor...
    Frank Elley
    created by Frank Elley
  • Dynamics users not auto syncing to Marketo

    We've had this issue for some time now - and are now experiencing additional issues related to CRM users.  Any time we add/update a user in CRM, we have to manually force a resync between both environments (actua...
    Dan Stevens.
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  • MS Dynamics Campaigns and Marketo Programs

    Has anyone come up with a mechanism (hand rolled or add-on) to synchronize their Marketo Programs to MS Dynamics campaigns?   Would love to hear if anyone has managed to get something working here. We're on Dyna...
    Adam Monago
    created by Adam Monago
  • Sync is broken

    Yesterday, we found out that the sync between Marketo and D365 is broken and generating the following error:     fault:    Sync Lead to Microsoft caught exception    exceptionMessag...
    Dan Stevens.
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  • Are there still plans for MUGs in 2019?

    With the work that is being done to migrate Adobe to a new instance of Marketo with integration to MSD 365, seems like there could be a ton of fodder for conversation.
    Nathan Fehler
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  • Marketo Dynamics OOB integration issue - reposted

    Hello everyone, We are having an issue with Marketo-Dynamics OOB integration setup. We simply cannot get it to work. We followed the instructions for integration on Marketo docs website (installing solution, setting ...
    Antonio Vlašić
    created by Antonio Vlašić
  • MSI not showing up in lead forms in MSD 365

    Hi All,   We installed the MSI (2016) for MSD 365 (online) and the MSI dashboard does not show for the leads. The solution is installed and deployed, the user rights are checked and the MSI status in Marketo sho...
    Ishita C
    created by Ishita C
  • Reporting on MSI email activity in Dynamics

    Hello! Our sales team is not able to pull activity of who they sent sales insight templates to in Dynamics. Dynamics doesn't log Marketo emails as tasks, so they have to create tasks separately for everyone the send t...
    Chelsea Stinnett
    created by Chelsea Stinnett
  • Dynamics 9.0 Upgrade and Marketo Sync

    We recently upgraded to the Microsoft Dynamics 9.0 and now our Marketo is not syncing with Dynamics. Has anyone else done the upgrade and are you experiencing the same issue? I reached out to our Dynamics Consultant a...
    Not Valid
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  • Dynamics 365 Cloud & Marketo Integration

    Hi everyone,   We are looking into Dynamics migration from on-prem to cloud (Dynamics 365). It would be great if anyone can share the necessary steps to be taken during the migration and integration (365) with M...
    Ishita C
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  • Delete all Marketo database and Re-sync w/CRM?

    Hi All, Is it possible to delete all the Marketo database and re-sync it w/CRM (Dynamics)? If yes, would you please share any steps or documents describing the same.   Please note: This is a new instance and...
    Ishita C
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  • [MSD MUG Meetings] Here's the Schedule of meetings for the rest of 2018

    Hello everyone!   Now that the dust has settled after Marketo Summit I wanted to share the schedule of meetings for the remainder of 2018. I am very pleased with the level of executive involvement we now have fr...
    Paul Wilson
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  • Creating a link to the Dynamics CRM lead record in Marketo?

    We have a solution in place today to do this that involves a CRM workflow which writes a CRM Record URL to a sync'd field. Then we use that field value in the new lead notification email that is sent to the sales pers...
    Colin Greig
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  • Marketo updating closed leads in Dynamics

    We have our sync of Marketo/Dynamics set up so that after a lead is closed as qualified or disqualified in Dynamics a workflow changes the SynctoMkto field to No. That way, if there is new activity for the same email ...
    Jenna Stephenson
    created by Jenna Stephenson
  • Sync issues with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Does anyone else have sync issues with Microsoft Dynamics CRM? We've been plagued with them since our implementation. The biggest issue that concerns me is that on some of the contacts and accounts get connected that ...
    Lindsey Falconer
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  • MS Dynamics Sync Error

    I'm receiving the error "MS Dynamics Sync Error: Unable to update lead." I don't work in MSD so asked the gentleman who is the admin for it if he has seen anything in error logs referencing Marketo. He said he's not s...
    Karyn Hill
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  • How to I update custom lookup fields from Microsoft Dynamics via Marketo?

    Hello,   I'm having difficulty coming up with a solid solution to update Dynamics custom lookup fields (field referencing other entity) via Marketo. Issue When lookup fields are synced from Dynamics to Marketo...
    Christopher Laver
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