• [Accounts Tip] Company Name Mismatch

    Hello MS Dynamics users!   Dan Stevens. brought to my attention this morning a scenario that I had, till now, been unaware of that is important for you to know about. What Dan encountered were records in Marketo...
    Paul Wilson
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  • How to Become a Microsoft Dynamics and Marketo Syncing Superstar

    “Hundreds of duplicates...” “The sync is very slow ...” “The data in our CRM doesn’t match what is in Marketo...”   Sound familiar?   Many clients experience commo...
    Hilary German
    created by Hilary German
  • Duplicate records created in Marketo after upgrading to Dynamics 365 Online v9

    We upgraded to v9 about a month ago. We thought everything was working fine in terms of some of the known/potential issues with this upgrade - for example, duplicates created in CRM when qualifying a lead if you don't...
    Dan Stevens.
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  • MS Dynamics Campaigns and Marketo Programs

    Has anyone come up with a mechanism (hand rolled or add-on) to synchronize their Marketo Programs to MS Dynamics campaigns?   Would love to hear if anyone has managed to get something working here. We're on Dyna...
    Adam Monago
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  • Testing and Monitoring Syncs and Workflows between Dynamics and Marketo

    Hi Microsoft User Group,    We are looking for Microsoft Dynamics Users to beta test our new Dynamics Integration for our Automated Testing Tool. Our tool test and monitors workflows, syncs, field mapping, ...
    Ariel Sasso
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  • Webinar - Syncing Data Between Marketo and Dynamics (and more)

    On Wednesday November 13th at 1pm ET, myself and Hilary German, both members of the team at Perkuto, will be discussing some of the considerations to make when syncing information between Marketo and Dynamics. We will...
    Lindsay Khan
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  • Qualified Lead removed from Marketo

    Hi Everyone, We are struggling with the qualification process in Dynamics.  So far we could notice the duplicate issue which is described here Duplicate records created in Marketo after upgrading to Dynami...
    Dominika Wojna
    created by Dominika Wojna
  • Create multiple leads per Marketo person record

    Hi everyone, Our CRM utilizes the full Microsoft Dynmaics lead cycle so when someone who is an existing person that has bought from us in the past returns to inquire about another purchase, a new lead is created. &#...
  • Sync issues with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Does anyone else have sync issues with Microsoft Dynamics CRM? We've been plagued with them since our implementation. The biggest issue that concerns me is that on some of the contacts and accounts get connected that ...
  • Marketo Dynamics Customer Connect

    Hello, I am looking at capturing feedback on our Marketo native integration with MS Dynamics. I would like to talk to everyone of you, if you are OK to provide me your feedback/experience please send me a no...
    Dhanikh P
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  • MSI Fields Not Showing inside Dynamics

    Have been able to successfully generate the MSI box on both my lead and contact form but it is blank - it is not pulling in any information.  Does anybody know what the issue might be?  I have set up interes...
    Jacqueline Davis
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  • New Orleans Saints/Pelicans Job Opp: Email + Digital Marketing Specialist

    Saints/Pelicans are hiring. Initial focus is on email, but, organizationally, there's an emphasis on cross-training/cross-departmental projects. We're committed to continued education in Marketo, too.  ...
    Dan Askin
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  • Managing Multiple Touches on Lead and Contact Records. Campaigns or Other Alternatives?

    Key issue is this: We use a traditional approach of having a "First Offer" and "Last Offer" field (among others, but this is enough to illustrate the issue). "First Offer" is of course written once for the new lead, a...
    Frank Elley
    created by Frank Elley
  • CRM relaunch and new Marketo instance

    We are in the middle of our CRM relaunch project where we are going to replace our Dynamics 365 CRM with a new instance. With the limitation to sync Marketo only with one CRM instance, we probably have to set up a new...
    Miika Niemelä
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  • Third-Party Connectors?

    Just doing preliminary investigation on wide range of possible ways to get more robust sync of changes in Dynamics back to Marketo (among other goals). Two questions:   - Are there any third-party connectors wor...
    Frank Elley
    created by Frank Elley
  • 3 Tips for Microsoft Dynamics and Marketo Success

    Don’t get me wrong—when I hear Microsoft Dynamics (DCRM) marketers express a bit of jealousy over marketers who are using Salesforce with their Marketo instances, I completely understand. I mean, a quick l...
    Lindsay Khan
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  • Dynamics users not auto syncing to Marketo

    We've had this issue for some time now - and are now experiencing additional issues related to CRM users.  Any time we add/update a user in CRM, we have to manually force a resync between both environments (actua...
    Dan Stevens.
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  • Job Opening: Snr Manager/Director Demand and Digital Marketing

    Looking for Marketing Demand and Digital Snr Manager/Director for either Toronto or London, UK.  Ping me if interested.  Here are the requirements: Toronto User GroupLondon User GroupMS Dynamics Virtual...
    Jacqueline Davis
    created by Jacqueline Davis
  • Dynamics users experiencing duplicates after v9 upgrade

    Hello,   are any other dynamics users experiencing this issue? Duplicate records created in Marketo after upgrading to Dynamics 365 Online v9
    Ed Burton
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  • [MSD MUG MEETING] April 5th MSD Virtual User Group Meeting

    4/5/19 11:00 AM
    Hello Dynamics Marketers!   My apologies for the delay in getting our meetings rolling this year - it has been a whirlwind start to the year for me.  I am excited to reconnect with you Friday April 5th at 1...
    Paul Wilson
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    [MSD MUG MEETING] April 5th MSD Virtual User Group Meeting