User Group Meeting Recap June 11th

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We had a great user group meeting yesterday, and thanks again to Junction Solutions for hosting us at their Denver Tech Center office.


The presentation was a "start-to-end" use case of a marketing nurture program executed using Marketo's engagement programs. It was presented by the Revenue2 team  (consulting partner who also bought us lunch) along with their client Junction Solutions. They did a great job of explaining the business drivers, the design, execution in Marketo and final reporting. I'm glad that it wasn't just a slideshow and that we got to open up Marketo on the big screen and discuss the engagement programs in detail with a couple of demos. Revenue2 also kept the "selling" to an acceptable minimum and we were instead able to have a few productive discussions about the program itself.

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After lunch we broke into smaller discussion groups of 4-5 people (the rule is that people from the same company can't be at the same table!) to share Marketo challenges/successes. We later went around the room and heard from each group about the topics that they discussed. I love this exercise because it highlights the topics that are top of mind for the group:

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My handwriting isn't the best, so here's the list again:

  • Lead Scoring - how to revamp an existing program
  • Skipping emails in engagement program (how to do it)
  • Logging into Marketo Community
  • Reporting - on overall success of Marketo initiatives
  • How to organize Marketo folders/hierarchy
  • Overall business process management
  • Data capture/collection/reporting
  • Forms 2.0
  • Guided Landing Pages <-- the new functionality, everyone wants to learn more about this!
  • Using Segmentations
  • Salesforce vs MS Dynamics Integration
  • Marketing automation in general


These are topics you guys are thinking about - so if anyone wants to tackle any of these in detail at a future meetup please reach out to me and we'll arrange it.


The next meeting will be sometime in late-ish July in downtown Denver offices of PaySimple. PaySimple is rocking The Best SMB Marketing Team in the world, and we're going to visit them to learn what they're doing right! We'll also discuss the new guided landing page functionality in Marketo.


Lookout for the event RSVP here once we finalize the date/times.


See you there!