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Hi all,


We're looking to bring a new Demand Generation Specialist onto our Denver marketing team. Needless to say the role requires working with Marketo - including the new Marketo Account-based Marketing module. However you would get to engage in a range of demand generation tactics including events, paid search, retargeting, ABM, and more.


Head to LinkedIn for further details and to apply:



Hi everyone! At the last user group meeting, a few people mentioned they know people who specialize in creating email templates in Marketo. Does anyone have a recommendation they could pass on? Thanks!

This one also came to me from a recruiter looking for local talent:  Marketing Automation Manager at Vertafore in downtown Denver.


Thank you,


Hello, Denver MUG members.  1st time poster here.  A recruiter reached out to me about an opportunity for an Email Marketing Specialist in Marketo in the South Denver area...thought I'd share here:  Creative Circle > JobDescription.






PS:  If there's any interest in a Deliverability-related session for a MUG meeting, hit me up!  I work on the Deliverability team at Marketo.

In the program we create a Velocity Script Token.




In `my.CTA` we set our variables and then print them into our HTML markup where needed. In this example we’re changing the displayed text of a stylized button.


#set($text = "Hello World!")




<span class="copy-cta-link" style="border: solid 2px #f58025; color: #5b6f7f; display: inline-block; font-family: 'Trebuchet MS',Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-weight: bold; padding-bottom: 10px; padding-left: 10px; padding-right: 10px; padding-top: 10px; text-decoration: none;">${text}<span class="arrow" style="color: #f58025;"> &#x25B8;</span></span>


We need Marketo to replace our link with a tracking link before the script replaces our token. So within our editable content section we can now reference our Script Token and make the actual token reference text a link using the WYSIWYG editor.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam dignissim vitae lorem ut luctus. Morbi iaculis ut ipsum a feugiat. Praesent vitae consequat ipsum.




Nulla vel magna ut metus posuere gravida ut quis arcu. Phasellus at dolor quam. Fusce bibendum pulvinar enim eu rhoncus.


Now Marketo replaces our link with the correct tracking link, and wraps it around the token reference; Then our Script Token runs and replaces the token reference with our stylized button from the script.


This was a special user group because it was hosted by PaySimple, the winners of Marketo's 2015 Best Marketing Team of the Year, SMB!


Amanda Jurgens, the Marketing Automation Manager at PaySimple, shared the team's recipe for success and gave us a glimpse into how they use Marketo.

photo 2 (2).JPG


Amanda discussed how the entire company is held to be accountable to measurable goals and prioritized objective and how that drives alignment between marketing, sales and the whole company. The marketing team has weekly Alignment Meetings in which they surface issues, discuss weak spots in the funnel and brainstorm opportunities.


She also discussed a few specific projects that had positive and meaningful outcomes:


Project 1: Lead Scoring

  • Challenge:
    • scoring didn't reflect liklihood to buy
  • Solution:
    • Redesigned scoring rules to create larger differentiating factors to highlight
  • Result:
    • Increased sales confidence in model, sales insight module
  • Headed next:
    • predictive scoring, SLAs.


Project 2: Stock Emails.

  • Challenge:
    • Sales team creating their own emails from scratch every time resulted in lost time, lost opportunity, disparate messaging and lack of visibility.
  • Solution:
    • Developed content for sales and customer experience
  • Headed next:
    • more! Optimize! New sales channel


Project 3: Onboard Email Flow for Customers

  • Challenge:
    • How to get customers to use the product on their own (self service) and have a good experience.
  • Solution:
    • Automated emails for onboarding
  • Results:
    • Support cases decreased.
    • Increase in avg logins per day increase in avg transaction volume.
  • Headed next:
    • Continue to provide value add content for life of the customer.


Thanks Amanda for sharing your insights!


The next speaker was Kara Fischer of Marvel Marketers who discussed and demoed Marketo's new responsive "Guided Landing Pages."

photo 4.JPG

Kara posted her slides here after the meeting.


And as usual, we also broke into group workshops and had an opportunity to discuss our own Marketo topics together. We then went around the room and shared topics of discussion in each group.


Here's the result:

photo 5.JPG


Here it is in English:

  • Web Performance Reporting
  • Anonymous Visitors Report
  • Marketo Folder Structure/Setup
  • SFDC Sync
  • Metrics in general
  • Predictive Scoring
  • Capping Registration Rates on Forms
  • Blacklisting/Whitelisting database leads
  • Buttons on Landing Pages
  • Marketo internet browser issues (IE)
  • LinkedIn Ad Bridge


These are the topics you guys are thinking about and I encourage you to volunteer to speak on any of these.


Thanks everyone for coming and see you next time!

We had a great user group meeting yesterday, and thanks again to Junction Solutions for hosting us at their Denver Tech Center office.


The presentation was a "start-to-end" use case of a marketing nurture program executed using Marketo's engagement programs. It was presented by the Revenue2 team  (consulting partner who also bought us lunch) along with their client Junction Solutions. They did a great job of explaining the business drivers, the design, execution in Marketo and final reporting. I'm glad that it wasn't just a slideshow and that we got to open up Marketo on the big screen and discuss the engagement programs in detail with a couple of demos. Revenue2 also kept the "selling" to an acceptable minimum and we were instead able to have a few productive discussions about the program itself.

photo 1 (1).JPG


After lunch we broke into smaller discussion groups of 4-5 people (the rule is that people from the same company can't be at the same table!) to share Marketo challenges/successes. We later went around the room and heard from each group about the topics that they discussed. I love this exercise because it highlights the topics that are top of mind for the group:

photo 2 (1).JPG


My handwriting isn't the best, so here's the list again:

  • Lead Scoring - how to revamp an existing program
  • Skipping emails in engagement program (how to do it)
  • Logging into Marketo Community
  • Reporting - on overall success of Marketo initiatives
  • How to organize Marketo folders/hierarchy
  • Overall business process management
  • Data capture/collection/reporting
  • Forms 2.0
  • Guided Landing Pages <-- the new functionality, everyone wants to learn more about this!
  • Using Segmentations
  • Salesforce vs MS Dynamics Integration
  • Marketing automation in general


These are topics you guys are thinking about - so if anyone wants to tackle any of these in detail at a future meetup please reach out to me and we'll arrange it.


The next meeting will be sometime in late-ish July in downtown Denver offices of PaySimple. PaySimple is rocking The Best SMB Marketing Team in the world, and we're going to visit them to learn what they're doing right! We'll also discuss the new guided landing page functionality in Marketo.


Lookout for the event RSVP here once we finalize the date/times.


See you there!