Ashley Ayan

Web Form Checklist (Source: MecLabs)

Blog Post created by Ashley Ayan on Sep 8, 2015

"If I am your ideal prospect, why should I take the risk of giving my email address?"


Minimizing perceived cost of the email capture 

Amount of Required Information

Are there unnecessary form fields?

Which fields will yield greater list quality?

Can the capture process be split into multiple steps?

Is it possible to create a page with optional form fields to increase list quality?

Are there any fields that can be collected progressively, or through an automation service?


Nature of Required Information


Are fields clustered to reduce perceived page length?

Are there any fields that are unclear to the customer?

Which fields are more likely to cause hesitation or anxiety?

Do any fields require special justification?



Maximizing perceived value of the email capture



Increasing Appeal


Does your content focus on an existing desire in the mind of the visitor?

Is your content specific enough to connect to that desire?


Integrating Exclusivity


Is there a desire you can fulfill better than competing companies, products or CTA?

Have you integrated specific claims of exclusivity into the content?


Enforcing Clarity


Does your copy use active verbs and concrete nouns? Are there many subjective adjectives or adverbs?

Does your copy use unnecessary, subjective industry terms?


Intensifying Credibility


Have you integrated quantitative and/or qualitative language into your claims?

Is there room to include testimonials or third-party verification copy, imagery?