Carissa Russell

Want to share an email but not use the "view online" or "view as a webpage" link?

Blog Post created by Carissa Russell Champion on Mar 11, 2016

We've had this problem since we started using Marketo years ago - I would get requests for a "link to an email" for sharing, like on SFDC Chatter, etc.  Since there isn't really a feature like that in Marketo currently we were stuck using the extra long hashed URL for view online or building a landing page (leading to one-off templates in design studio).....until now!  What if I told you that you could have one landing page template, almost entirely a token, that you can paste the email HTML in for an instant email landing page? Now, you can!


And here's how you can set one of these handy templates up in your instance:


  1. In Design Studio, create a new landing page template as GUIDED
  2. Use this code: (yes, this is all you need)

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang="en">


  <meta charset="utf-8">

  <title>View Email Online | COMPANY NAME</title>

  <!-- Marketo Variables -->

  <meta class="mktoString" mktoName="View Online Email HTML" id="viewonline" default="{{my.HTML - View Online}}">




  1. Approve and Close
  2. Go into Marketing Activities, into the program you'd like to create an email landing page inside.
  3. New Local Asset > Landing Page > Select newly created template
  4. Approve the landing page
  5. Go into the email you would like to create the landing page for
  6. Download the HTML  (or use Replace HTML and copy all of the code to your clipboard)
  7. Go into the MY TOKENS part of the program, and create this token as Rich Text: {{my.HTML - View Online}}
  8. When you are in the token's Rich Text editor, click the HTML button
  9. Paste all of the email HTML into the HTML view of the rich text token
  10. Save and Close
  11. Now, when you open the landing page, the token should update and show your email!


If you need to create multiple landing pages like this in the same program, you can open the landing page, go into the Guided editor and update the token for the main element to a new one (View Online Email HTML is what it will be called in the right panel) that way you can easily have multiple landing pages in the same program that show different emails.


Hoping putting this little "hack" into the marketoverse will help other struggling admins field requests like this!  Enjoy!