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Marketo videos: Small things that matters Contd.

Blog Post created by Abhishek Chandra on Jan 7, 2020

In Continuation of my previous post of creating YouTube videos, Marketo videos to share small things that matters 

here is the another update, I have added 3 more videos in the channel and this time I have tried to cover the topics related to Marketo forms and A/B testing. I tried to keep the videos as short as possible, to the point, crisp and concise. Please find the details below:


  • Progressive Profiling - In this video I tried to explain how to include progressive profiling in the Marketo forms, how is it set, what are the important properties that has to be considered and how will it appear on the landing page. Video can be accessed here - Progressive Profiling in Marketo Forms - YouTube 
  • URL builder - A great feature in Marketo but have not been used as much as it should. This video includes how to use URL builder, what is the pre-requisite, what features are available and how it can be used to create multiple URLs to capture different information. Video can be accessed here - URL Builder in Marketo Landing Page - YouTube 
  • Declare winner in A/B testing -  This video explains the difference between using Automatic and Manual option in declaring A/B test winner. The reason I created this video is based on the discussion I had with one of my team member and he told me that Marketo sends the notification before sending the winner to the list, so I realized that sometime a very basic or small feature can get ignored and because of which major issues can occur. the video can be accessed here - A/B Testing - Declare Winner - Automatic or Manual - YouTube 


Please go through the videos and share your thoughts or suggestions on how to improve and what other topics can be included in next videos.