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Champion/Challenger Emails

A/B Tests


Champion/challenger uses an entirely different methodology to A/B testing.

Important: It can only be used in triggered smart campaigns and in engagement.


Champion/challenger tests allow you to test with the following variables:

  • Whole Emails
  • Subject Line
  • From Address.


You can set the distribution percentage for the different tests you run. All records will receive one of the tests. Thus, the challenger and champion are sent at the same time.




You can have more than one challenger. All challengers and the champion will be sent at the same time.


You set the champion criteria including report delivery recipient and cadence.


The report will contain the results of the test.


The Champion Challenger test will continue on until you decide to declare a winner. If you add leads to the program and they are due to receive the cast, it will send everyone in this cast the email, and 50% will receive test A, and 50% test B, until you stop it and declare a winner.


The email performance report will only show one email.





Note:  Once you approve the test, you can’t un-approve it or edit it. To change it you’ll need to discard and start again.

Note: Champion/challenger doesn’t work if it is sent inside of a default smart campaign being used in engagement. See below.





To conduct an A/B test, create two whole versions of the email and use random sample in the Send Email Smart Campaign