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We're looking to hire a new Digital Marketing Manager who has both PPC/SEO plus Marketo experience to extend our reach and engagement among target audiences.  This position would be primary responsible for all paid and organic search initiatives. We would also partner on Marketo projects (two Marketo-heads are always better than one!). Looking to hire someone ASAP so apply today!

Do you have 2-3 years in B2B marketing and at least 1 year working with Marketo (or similar), WordPress (or similar), SharePoint, and Microsoft Office (especially Excel)? Your new position awaits! Support the digital team and help our many marketing endeavors run like clockwork. Technology experience and a great sense of humor a plus!

Apply today!

We’re looking for a technology-savvy Content Marketing Manager to join our best-in-class team responsible for setting the strategy for Panduit’s network infrastructure business, which includes enterprise, data center and industrial networking business units. This is a premier opportunity for you to bring your passion for content creation and marketing to make an immediate impact and enjoy continued learning while growing your career with a global brand.

Check out the below job posting to learn more. 


Content Marketing Manager at Panduit NI: Marketing

We're recruiting for an Email Campaign Specialist, as we start our Marketo journey based in our Chicago office.  We're looking for someone with Marketo experience (ideally certification), passionate about everything email and automation and work closely with all of our internal stakeholders and drive our emails forward - view link below for more details. 

Career Center   - Find out more about Premier Farnell and Newark at

Hey, y'all!


We wanted to invite you to an event we are hosting with Marketo and Bizible on October 2nd. Details in the .pdf attached.


It will be a great opportunity to network with fellow marketers, discuss how we can ensure every marketer can prove their impact, and bone up on those cooking skills…or just sit back and enjoy some fine dining.  


We only have a couple spots left. Spouses are welcome as well (make sure to register them too). If interested, please register here.


Best, Justin

We are excited to announce that as of this week we have launched a new way to stay connected with the ChiMUG community. This group will provide additional channels for connecting with the current members, as well as promoting new connections with Marketing Automation Fans in Chicagoland.


The Chicago Marketo User Group Meetup will be available not only to Marketo community members, but also students, former Marketo customers and those who have an interest in automating digital marketing. We will continue to post events on both platforms, so you can find us at either location. We look forward to using meetup to grow the community, deepen engagement with all of you, and promote new connections with a large group of professionals who are passionate about marketing automation.



P.S. If you have not RSVP'ed for our networking event next week at Point & Feather, you can find do so at any of the links below. We are excited to welcome FRG and are currently expecting 25-30 for the event!

Community (for MUG members)
Meetup (for all)

Evite (for one-time access)

Champion/Challenger Emails

A/B Tests


Champion/challenger uses an entirely different methodology to A/B testing.

Important: It can only be used in triggered smart campaigns and in engagement.


Champion/challenger tests allow you to test with the following variables:

  • Whole Emails
  • Subject Line
  • From Address.


You can set the distribution percentage for the different tests you run. All records will receive one of the tests. Thus, the challenger and champion are sent at the same time.




You can have more than one challenger. All challengers and the champion will be sent at the same time.


You set the champion criteria including report delivery recipient and cadence.


The report will contain the results of the test.


The Champion Challenger test will continue on until you decide to declare a winner. If you add leads to the program and they are due to receive the cast, it will send everyone in this cast the email, and 50% will receive test A, and 50% test B, until you stop it and declare a winner.


The email performance report will only show one email.





Note:  Once you approve the test, you can’t un-approve it or edit it. To change it you’ll need to discard and start again.

Note: Champion/challenger doesn’t work if it is sent inside of a default smart campaign being used in engagement. See below.





To conduct an A/B test, create two whole versions of the email and use random sample in the Send Email Smart Campaign





From Summit, I made a blog post from my notes on one of the sessions. Check out the full post here: 3 Reasons for Engagement Marketing


Here's the short version, though:

Reason #1: Building Your Brand

This is an easy one. Engaging with your leads and prospects with useful content establishes credibility for your brand. Being informative, useful, and empathetic does much more for your brand than the shotgun blast that takes lazy aim at a large list with single-target messaging. Instead, the hands-off approach builds credibility for your brand and practically guarantees good vibrations with your prospects right from the start. This harkens back to one of the most basic human characteristics: we like people that like us.

Reason #2: Building Relationships with Your Leads

All of the above is backstory to this central idea: Engagement Marketing helps you build effective relationships with potential customers at any stage of their buying journey. If they’re teetering on the edge of the top of your funnel, push them over the edge by serving up information that’s useful to them. Use a light touch– they’re not ready for late-stage sales messages yet. Set up some triggers to track how they interact with your emails and website so that when they exhibit further signs of interest, they’re automatically embraced into the next level of your relationship. To illustrate this point, think of the last time you met a good friend for the first time. Did they drone on and on endlessly about themselves, or show interest in your interests, needs, and desires?

I’m betting on the latter. Now think about all the shenanigans and high jinks you’ve gotten into with that friend. Kind of worth it, right?

Reason #3: Engagement Programs Curtail The Sales Cycle

Like I said above, I work with a fairly long sales cycle. I read a recent statistic from an IDG study that claimed most B2B purchase decisions involve an average of 7.5 decision-makers in the buying process. Thinking about conversions and ROI, the faster you can get those 7.5 people to agree that you’re the one, the faster you’ll prove marketing’s value to sales… And that support doesn’t come easily. If you’ve been able to start the conversation early with an informative and useful Engagement Program, you’ve essentially made the sales teams’ job exponentially easier. Your sales team will appreciate having to do less convincing, and this will also free them up to keep turning the crank on their other accounts.

Additionally, leads that believe in the value of your solutions tend to buy more. Any sales person can corroborate that story– in fact, for most businesses, it’s not about competing on price but instead about proving value. Be valuable to your leads and prospects at every touchpoint you have with them, and they’ll pay it forward.

Literally, though. They’ll pay you. With money. And probably a fair amount of goodwill, too.