• How to get All Companies Information from Marketo without Searchable fields

    Hi, I want to get All Companies Information from Marketo. I don't have data related to searchable fields like externalCompanyId, id, externalSalesPersonId and company. Can i still retrieve all...
    Tech QA
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  • Marketo Certified Solutions Architect

    Is it still possible to get become a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect? There no longer any information about it on the website.
    Stephanie Berry
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  • Need to reschedule Core Concepts 1 class

    Hi there,   I enrolled in the 6/20 – 6/21 Core Concepts class and need to reschedule to the 6/27/ - 6/28 Core Concepts 1 class. Can you please help?   My email is ryan.valentine@sirva.com  ...
    Ryan Valentine
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  • MCA Certification -Marketo Certified Associate - Entry Level

    Hi, I was just curious to know if anyone has appeared for this certification and where could I find the Questions Bank(if there is any) to give mock test. As pretty soon, I will be appearing for the same. Also, aft...
    Vidhi Khare
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  • Exciting Role: Are you an experienced Marketing Automation expert looking to take the next step in a great agency and growing team?!

    Senior Marketing Automation Specialist - Green Hat. Apply by sending CV to HunterS@Green-hat.com.au   You: An experienced and energetic marketing automation expert who loves digital marketing. You are passiona...
    Liza Coats
    created by Liza Coats
  • Active User not appearing in Database

    I am an active user in my Marketo instance, but I am not appearing in database. Please find the screen shot below:   What could be the reason for the same? How can I check my activities?
    Abhishek Chandra
    created by Abhishek Chandra
  • Add flow comapign dynamically using API

    I am creating separate email asset for every announcement which I need to send using marketo. In marketo we have Program under this we have Campaign and using this campaign we are sending emails, each campaign may ha...
    Santosh Wakode
    created by Santosh Wakode
  • Best way to differentiate between Link in Email and CTA button

    I have a couple of links included in email content and there is a CTA button to redirect audiences to a landing page. For scoring the click email activity, what will be the best way to differentiate between click link...
    Abhishek Chandra
    created by Abhishek Chandra
  • Marketo Fundamentals Training with JTF Marketing

    Hi all! Just letting you know we’ll be holding our next Marketo Fundamentals training in London on April 3rd-5th. This course is geared towards Marketo beginners and people who have some background and are looki...
  • Writing the MCE Exam at Adobe Summit

    Does anyone know how you register for an on-site exam during Adobe Summit in 2019?  I can't seem to locate these details. Thanks! Jenn
    Jennifer Donahue
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  • Compare Marketo Field with SFDC Field

    Here is my question which is constantly triggering in my mind - How do we compare a SFDC Field and Marketo Field automatically? yes, we do have sync between SFDC and Marketo, but how do we know that the Lead ID va...
  • Concern about MCE test center

    One of my team member had very bad experience with one of the onsite proctored center - Cybernet Infosolutions ltd , Plot No. 24, Sec-3A, Vaishali, Opposite Cloud 9, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010, India. There were...
    Abhishek Chandra
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  • Certification Question

    A lead is deemed sales ready. How can this be communicated to sales? A. Lead Status B. Send a marketing email C. Send the lead an alert D. Add to Engagement Program   I was thinking about C but I was really ...
    Harish Gupta
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  • Fake Foward Email

    Hi there -   I want to design an email that looks like it was sent from our VP of sales to a rep, and that rep then "forwards" it to a customer. If I put FW: in the subject does that hurt in anyway? Such as fla...
    Julia Chiartas
    created by Julia Chiartas
  • Marketo Specializations - Last Date to take Specialization Exam

    Hi Certification Group,   I just noticed this in the Marketo web-page.   https://www.marketo.com/education/marketo-certification/marketo-specializations/ Does this mean that the specializations are bein...
    Karan Hari
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  • What is the Validity for Marketo Certified Associate?

    Hi There,   I recently noticed that the Marketo Certified Associate (MCA) exam has become active in Webassesor. I see that it is an entry level certification and we are planning to get few of our relatively new ...
    Karan Hari
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  • HELP! Triggering a Follow-Up Email from clicking link in different email

    I don't know what I'm missing. This should be very simple.   I have set up a standard email program containing a link to a web page. If the recipient clicks the link in the email, I want to trigger a follow-up ...
    Benjamin Cargill
    created by Benjamin Cargill
  • Sync Person to SFDC

    Hello All, We have already integrated Marketo with Salesforce. but still we have about 200K+ marketo leads that are not synced to salesforce yet. What is the best way to sync these leads? is creating smart list wit...
    Priya Surendiran
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  • How to create a smart list for individuals who clicked all links in an email

    Hello I am a new Marketo user and have been reading the blogs and discussions here and those have been truly great sources of information. Really appreciate the amazing folks here. I am trying to pull a list of rec...
    Zubin Tilwankar
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  • How recipient time zone works in the email send?

    How does this recipient time zone work in the email launch? In our business, we are sending the same email in multiple countries but either we are creating separate email programs for each country or we are sending th...
    Sant Singh Rathaur
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