• Some ways to speed up processing

    A typical lead scoring model usually means either of the following two approaches   A list/combination of triggered campaigns A sequence of demographic/firmographic campaigns, and a group of behavior scoring camp...
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  • Looking for MCE sample questions? [5 Questions from Lead Lifecycle]

    If you are appearing for your marketo certification exam in 2019 and looking for some sample questions then I can surely help you with that but let me be clear that these are just sample question and they will only he...
    Sant Singh Rathaur
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  • Field Management: Merging/Remapping/Hiding Marketo fields

    If you are a Marketo geek, you know how tricky it can become managing fields in Marketo. This post is a consolidation of my experience in Marketo field management in the past and includes tips and tricks to get over t...
    Amit Jain
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  • Marketo videos to share small things that matters

    There is a saying, "An expert is the one who knows more and more about less and less", taking inspiration from the quote and based on the experience I have with my team, there are many people out there who struggle wi...
    Abhishek Chandra
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  • MCE Practice Test - I

    Which of the following are valid type of tokens? (Choose all that apply) a. Calendar file b. Date c. Text d. Score If you set up tokens at the folder level, what type of token will you see on any program within th...
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  • Program Template - Advance

    In my previous blog post Program Template, I provided information about how to structure the folders and how a basic program template can be created in Marketo. Taking the same template to advance, in this post I...
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  • Embed Tokens in Landing Page Template

    As we know that template, tokens and snippet are few of the most important elements in Marketo and there are a lot of opportunities that can be explored with the help of these elements. We can do personalization, cust...
    Abhishek Chandra
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  • Program Template

    As we know Marketo programs are very powerful tool to manage the marketing assets and track the campaign performance. To get most out of the Marketo programs, we need to make sure that it should be set up properly alo...
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  • Optimize the Marketo Program

    ***Originally posted on "The Marketing Automation blog". For latest updates, follow this LinkedIn Page   For all day to day marketing activities in #Marketo, you start with creating a program. Marketo programs a...
    Amit Jain
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  • Make your web-form more compelling and user friendly

    Web-forms are being used widely to collect information of potential customers. Everyday people visit tens of websites and have fill out their information to access certain marketing content. Though it is necessary for...
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  • How to make your Marketo from expandable?

    Marketing is all about trying new techniques and implementing new ideas to impress your prospects. There are things you can implement with tool functionality and there are other things you need to find out of the box ...
  • Yes, you can make the marketo text area expandable..

    It's not native option in marketo form setting but yes, you can achieve it by adding a single line css on your marketo form. I wanted to make one of my "text area"  field expandable because here I ...
    Sant Singh Rathaur
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  • Need to share/transfer the assets between the workspace?

    I found this blog very helpful when I had task in my hand of moving some assets in seperate workspace and I was really confused how to do this.   Marketo chat support team provided me an URL with nice s...
  • Choosing Program Types for Email and Nurturing Initiatives

    Sometimes—especially when you’re just starting out with Marketo—determining which type of email program makes the most sense for which type of campaign can be confusing. Your first instinct may be to...
    Hilary German
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  • Started with MCE preparation?

    Before you go for MCE, you should prepare yourself well else you will end up with loosing your money. I have consolidated list of topics which need to be covered, which helped me with my preparation. 1. Tokens You s...
    Sant Singh Rathaur
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  • Tracking UTM Parameters

    In a considerable amount of cases we see companies that invest vast amounts of money in campaigns and advertising, but don't get the accurate information about the effectiveness of those campaigns. Each company runs ...
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  • 5 sample questions from Targeting & Personalization!

    Reference URL for previous topic: Program Fundamentals! Here are the next 5 questions from Targeting & Personalization section. This section is completely focussed on correct and incorrect usage of tokens, folde...
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  • Marketo Certified Solutions Architect (MCSA)

    Hi All,   I’ve recently attended a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect (MCSA) workshop and wanted to give you an overview of the certification and a couple of tips, which I hope you find useful!   C...
  • How to automate data import from GoToWebinar lead to Marketo ?

    Hi all,   I have a question concerning GoToWebinar and Marketo.   Is it possible to Automate data import (concerning people who watch our webinar) to Marketo ?   I need to automate this import of da...
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  • Marketo Specializations - Where to Start, The easy ones, The not so easy ones and 31st of January

    Hello Every one. Hope every one had a wonderful New Year!   Since Marketo Specializations are going to retire on 31st January 2019, I decided to create a short write up on the significance of Marketo Specializat...
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