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Hey Guys I was Practicing for the MCE again and I needed to renew it. I notice the old practice test was gone..

This is a Practice test I created in the past with some questions. I know alot of its old based on the practice exam.

It will help you to pass the exam.  I plan to add all the questions from  Sample Questions for MCE Exam: Admin & Operational

and some that I remember from the test.  Any intel on new questions are appreciated!!


MCE Practice Test | Quiz

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Marketo University

For your certification exam there is a big section that covers tokens, this is included in the personalisation section.


Tokens are an amazing and simple functionality that facilitates personalisation.  You can use them form emails, landing pages, templates and advanced programming functionality such as lead scoring and changing data values.


Here are a few things that it would be good for you to review:


- Different types of tokens

- Where are tokens located?

- Where can they be used?

- How to use them?


Types of tokens


System Tokens


Marketo has system tokens that you can use for personalisation but you can also create your own tokens within a program or a folder.


Some examples of system tokens are:


- Unsubscribe link

- View as web page

- Dates



This page in Marketo Docs lists all the tokens that can be used for Person/Lead, Company, Campaign, System and Trigger.

Tokens Overview - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation


Folder or Program Tokens


In a program or in a folder you are able to create multiple tokens as well.


These are all the different types of tokens that you can create at a program or folder level.



Read more: Tokens Overview - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation


My suggestion for your preparation for the exam is that you practice with the different scenarios described above.  The questions in the exam are easy if you are familiar with the scenarios that the test is covering.


Edward Unthank has written a very nice article about tokens:

Marketo Tokens: Ins and Outs

These are some tips that might come handy to you if you are planning to do your certification exam online.  If that is your choice you need to book your exam in a Proctored Mode so your computer needs to have a webcam.


Image result for do not disturb


1. Have a look to the Camera Preparation Instructions

Online Proctored Exams | Kryterion Global Testing Solutions


2. Complete your biometric profile before the exam. The system will ask you to type a phrase, in my case, it was my first  name and last name multiple times so the system learns to recognise your pace.


3. If you have a coupon make sure it is valid. I had a discount coupon from Marketo but I discovered it was expired when I was ready to book my test.


4. Book a room for 2.5 hours.  The exam is 90 minutes but you need the room ready at the time the exam starts so it is wise to take 30 minutes to set yourself up.


5. Add a do not disturb sign at the door. You cannot be interrupted so it is wise to add a sign that indicates that you are having an assessment.  If you are in a noisy area, it is important that you ask for silence around you.


6. Have the customer support details for Kryterion handy.  In my case, I had an error when my exam was nearly finished.  I didn't know what to do.  I contacted Kryterion from my phone and they were able to help me out.  It would be easier if you had the details handy in a piece of paper or bookmarked on your phone.  If you click on the following link you will be able to find an online chat that gives support. They were very kind and helpful to me.


7. Remove your watch if you use a smart watch.  I didn't know about this and the exam got interrupted. I was asked to remove my watch.


8. Watch out for your posture and make sure the camera can see you. I started to lose my straight posture at the end of the exam, so I was asked to get my camera to see my face.

How do you schedule an email with an Email Program.


There are 2 ways to schedule an email using an Email Program. The most conventional could be using tile number 3 of the Control Panel (see image below).


If you are using an A/B Testing, you will schedule your email in the pop up that comes up when you click 'Add A/B Testing'.

If you use an A/B Testing you would need to do click Add A/B Test

In point number 3, this is where you would schedule your email if you use A/B Testing.


For certification purposes, it is a good idea that you get familiar with all the different scenarios used on an Email Program.

For your certification exam you need to be familiar with the setups of the landing pages.

URL Tools is a section that has many different functionalities that are really cool and useful.

In my personal experience, I don't use this section much so I believe it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with this section and the possibilities that Marketo offers here.






You will be able to make changes to the URL name in this section.



I am happy to share that I have just completed my Certification Exam.  I passed it.  Below are some notes of the points that I remember that were covered. I will be expanding with more details during the next few weeks.  It is very comprehensive and you need to be very familiar with the platform but it is not hard. If you use Marketo comprehensively, you would be able to pass it.  Good luck!   Feel free to ask any questions that you may have.



75 questions in 90 minutes



1. Tokens


You should understand very well tokens:

Different types of tokens

Locations where you can create tokens

System tokens that you can use

Names of different tokens


2. Reports


Practice reporting is important. The questions asked are easy if you have practice pulling reports.

It is important that you understand the benefits of each report and the type of information that you can obtain from them so you can decide when to select them.

Practice with life scenarios!


3. Deliverability


Things that can be done to improve deliverability

System lists


4. Program Types and when to use it


Some scenarios are provided and you need to choose which program would be best for that situation. Example: Email Program VS Default Program


5. A/B Testing


How to set it up and available options.


6. Channels and Program Statuses


When to use channels.

Examples are presented and you need to choose.

How people move through program steps


7. Nurture Programs


It is important that you understand well how nurture programs work.  There are multiple questions related to nurtures.

How to add people to nurture

How transition rules are used

Steps to activate content

Logic of how emails are delivered when content has been exhausted

Understand concepts of exhausted, streams, cadence


8. Scoring


Understanding how to set up scoring models in global companies that have regional requirements

Scoring and tokens

How to reset score to zero

How to set up scoring points

How to use changes in scores in campaigns


9. Segmentation, Dynamic Content, Snippets


Understand how segmentation works

Understand the difference between segments and smart lists

Understand when snippets can be used


10. Forms


Understand field types

Understand visibility rules


11. Landing pages


Understand where to modify landing page URLs

Understand landing page reporting


12. Filters, Triggers and Flows


Understand triggers and filters

Understand advanced filters

Understand flow actions

Understand wait steps

Understand when to send alerts

When to use them, what they mean


13. CRM Sync


Understand basic functionality of data integration with CRM

Basic understanding of Marketo Sales Insights


14. Acquisition Program


Why and how to set up acquisition programs


15. Cost


How to set up costs to calculate results


16. System Smart Lists


Be familiar with the names of all of them

These are some examples of dummy reports. The idea is that you can relate to examples of the reports so you can study for your certification exam.


Program Performance Report






Campaign Activity Report




Campaign Email Performance Report





Web Page Activity Report



Image result for become a member


A lead could become a member of a program with one of the following 7 options:

1. Filling out a form on a landing page in a program

2. When the lead is member of an imported list, this lead becomes a member of the program where the list was uploaded

3. When the lead registers or attends a webinar synced with an event program

4. When a lead is created using the Marketo iPad check-in app

5. When the Program Status Flow action was used

6. When the lead was added to the SFDC campaign that is synched with the program

7. When a list was imported to a group list in the database under Advanced Acquisition Program is selected


This is information is really valuable for the Certification Exam Preparation.



The Demand Generation Manager supports the Marketing and Sales teams as a whole in all activities that generate and nurture Bluecore’s sales pipeline. The role requires extensive organized B2B Demand Generation experience and the ability to manage, execute and measure marketing campaigns autonomously. This position is highly visible to all levels and departments within the organization and requires ambitious and diverse marketing skills in multiple disciplines that will drive sales into the organization as Bluecore continues to scale.


    • Responsible for managing all aspects of lead and demand generation activities across multiple channels with main target to contribute quality engagement and leads for our sales organization including but not limited to: managing our marketing automation system, building and executing all email and cross channel nurture streams for the full customer journey, working closely with Content, Sales and Events to execute strategic and timely messaging, owning the lead scoring and qualification process Identifying areas of opportunity within customer segments to increase conversion, project managing integrated campaigns, managing Lead Opportunities and Campaigns in our CRM to ensure timely outreach and reporting of events, and own the constant monitoring of our Data Hygiene
    • Co-create the Demand Generation budget with the Sr. Manager of Demand Generation to ensure economically efficient growth. Monitor program spend and make recommendations for the company’s growth
    • Lead the creation and implementation of the buyer journey and experience through relevant and timely nurturing of content and sales outreach messaging.
    • Segment our existing lead database and create relevant drip campaigns to revive old leads
    • Build and optimize key digital channels and Inbound (social, SEM/SEO, email, webinars, content marketing), and be a strong influencer in maximizing Return on Investment from existing Market Development Outbound efforts
    • Partner with the Marketing Content team to develop compelling content that drives high impact marketing campaigns ands align with buyer’s journey maps
    • Partner and coordinate with our Events team to execute communications for all of our trade shows and other event marketing projects and ensure proper campaign attribution.
    • Develop effective program marketing mix to attain Enterprise and MM lead targets and revenue goals; create an integrated, multi-channel marketing plan utilizing various marketing tactics including email, advertising, events, 3rd party engagements, thought-leadership opportunities, etc.
    • Implement best practices approach to campaign development and execution to ensure maximum impact and alignment between internal teams
    • Recommend various marketing channels including events, industry associations, online communities, publications
    • Manage and continually optimize a marketing budget across channels such as SEO/SEM, email, social, retargeting and native content ads
    • Constant optimization of digital marketing efforts using data, testing, and critical thinking to get the best possible results
    • Partner with Sales Operations in maintaining a highly integrated tech stack, providing recommendations on new tools as required, to help improve marketing efficiency, better tracking and tighter reporting on pipeline impact



    • A BA or BS in Business or Marketing from an accredited university with a minimum of 5 years experience in B2B marketing programs and demand generation, both developing and executing programs.
    • Marketo Certification a plus
    • A demonstrated track record of customer acquisition across multiple channels, including Social, Paid Media, and Content Syndication.
    • Experience in running Account Based Marketing tactics a plus. 
    • Exceptional proficiency at learning complex software solutions combined with the ability to explain the products in a manner consumable by both inexperienced and experienced customers
    • Superior communication skills both oral and written with a high level of comfort in influencing without authority over the phone and in person.
    • Excellent multitasking acumen that is capable of tackling challenging and diverse tasks simultaneously, strong organizational skills, work ethic and attention to detail.
    • Superior professionalism, resourcefulness and judgment
    • Advanced MS Excel and PowerPoint skills


    • Highly competitive compensation package including salary and equity as well as the opportunity to work for one of the fastest growing marketing technology start-ups
    • Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance
    • 401(k) plan
    • Monthly fitness stipend for a gym membership or fitness classes
    • Monthly NYC Metro Card
    • Generous Parental Leave & flexible vacation policy


At Bluecore we believe in fostering an inclusive environment in which employees feel encouraged to share their unique perspectives, leverage their strengths, and act authentically. We know that diverse teams are strong teams, and welcome those from all backgrounds and varying experiences.


Bluecore is a proud equal opportunity employer. We are committed to fair hiring practices and to creating a welcoming environment for all team members. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, familial status or veteran status.



Hi All,


I’ve recently attended a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect (MCSA) workshop and wanted to give you an overview of the certification and a couple of tips, which I hope you find useful!


Currently there are less that 150 people that possess this certification, so if you really want to distinguish yourself as a Marketo Consultant it’s an extremely useful certification to have.


In order for you to be able to present yourself for the MCSA certification there are a number of requisites:


  • You need to be a Marketo Partner
  • You need to have a currently valid MCE certification


You will require to have a Marketo Lead Management (MLM) badge AND (at least) 2 of of the below items:


  • Marketo Lead Management
  • Center of Excellence
  • Analytics
  • Web Personalization
  • ABM • Administration
  • Integration – Native and/or Custom
  • Mobile
  • Digital Ads
  • Migration
  • Advanced Creative


The presentation should show real-case client projects you led, showcasing why and how you implemented the required solutions, the results and the success of the overall project. You can present different case studies per area, however they need to be real client cases and they cannot be based on projects you undertook for your own company.


You will be assessed based on the below areas:


  • 50% - Knowledge
  • 15% - Writing ability
  • 15% - Speaking ability
  • 10% - Strategy, design and success
  • 10% - Professionalism


You can present in the below ways:


  • Co-working with MKTO on a project
  • On-site visit to MKTO
  • Virtual presentation


I have to say the workshop is extremely useful. It’s interactive, hands-on real case studies, very advanced and detailed. It will prepare you to become a technically and strategically well-prepared Marketo Consultant.


If you have any questions please let me know.



For your preparation for the MCE exam on Implementation and Operations - MCE Preparation this section in the Marketo University will be very useful.


It is called Pathway to Email Marketing: Best Practices & How-To - It was shared by Mariko Matsui for the Japan User Group and I thought it was worth sharing as resource for exam preparation.  The topics covered here are listed on the new Exam Topics.




Happy study!

Harish Gupta

Data Hygiene Model

Posted by Harish Gupta Jul 7, 2017

Data Hygiene Model


Data Hygiene is the process of identifying the inaccurate lead record from database and then replace, modify or delete the dirty data.

In Marketing automation, the program success is always depending upon the healthy database you have in your system. Suppose you received one list with 2,000 records from one of your vendor. The list contains 1,000 records with incomplete information e.g. Missing email id, lead source, name, country. You uploaded the list into Marketo and you are sending an email to the all the records in the list. Now, as per your understanding, you are targeting a list with 2000 leads but Marketo found only 1000 correct list. It affects your program success rate and overall successful implementation of Marketing automation.

Here are the few Scenarios:

  • You have uploaded one list without country field. You CRM is setup in a way that each lead gets assigned to particular lead owner as per lead country. All leads belonging to USA will go to Lead Owner A and all leads belonging to Australia will go to Lead Owner B. You run a program and send all the leads to CRM. All leads go in generic queue which has been setup by CRM owner. Now the set of rules in CRM is not able to identify that which leads should go to person A and person B because all leads are missing Country field.
  • You are sending an email to list of people who belong to country USA. You have 2000 leads in your database with country as USA. There is no data hygiene model in your system. You hit the send button and you receive 800 bounced back (Hard + Soft bounced). You again send an another email to the same list of people and again you receive the 800 bounced back. Now the chances are high that your IP address should be marked as SPAM by email clients.


Data hygiene model will help you to keep your database as marketable, so your program success rate will always remain high and decrease the chances of SPAM and Hard bounced.

Steps to create a Data hygiene model in Marketo:

  1. 1) Identify the records with NO Email address or invalid email address:

Create a smart campaign in Marketo which will keep an eye on new leads with invalid email addresses or existing leads with invalid email addresses and delete that record from Marketo.


Create a smart campaign in Marketo which keep an eye on new contact in Marketo with source as CRM. Send the alert notification on your email id and delete the record from Marketo only. Don’t delete the record from CRM.


Fig. 1

Fig. 2


Lead with no email address:

Fig. 3


  1. 2)      Lead with Junk Email address:

Create a smart campaign in Marketo and check if the email address contains ? # $ % &, delete the lead from Marketo only.

Fig. 4



  1. 3)      Identify the email address with Hard bounce and category 1 or 2:


Create a smart campaign to find out the hard bounced emails with category 1 or 2 and delete the lead from Marketo only.


Fig. 5


Details contains:

invalid recipient

recipient invalid

recipient not

recipient unknown

unknown recipient

recipient rejected

Recipient address rejected

User address

user invalid

user not

invalid user

user unknown

unknown user

invalid address

Unknown address

Unable to verify destination address

Mailbox unavailable

no such

no longer


Bad email

email bad

You can adjust minimum number of times and date of activity field as per your company.

  1. 4)      Change the Marketing suspended on Lead behavior:


Create a smart campaign and check if lead has taken any action on any asset then set the Marketing suspended as false.

Fig. 6

Fig. 7

    1. 5) Inactive leads:


Create a smart list and smart campaign to find out the leads which haven’t done any action before your time frame of activity history e.g. Not visited web page, Not program status was changed, Not clicked any link in email, Not opened any email, Not filled out form, Not activity was logged.



Fig. 8



Fig. 9

Always download the database before taking any delete action so you will have the backup of all data and if required you can easily import the leads back into the database. Add all the mandatory column in the downloaded sheet which are required for scoring e.g. Company, Country, State, Lead source, Company Revenue, Number of employee, email, First Name, Last Name etc.

  1. 6)      Create Segmentation:


Segmentation works faster than smart list. Always create a segmentation as per industry, country or global filters. You can create a segmentation as per your requirement.



Fig. 10

There are two approaches by which we can sync the SFDC campaign with our Marketo program.

1)      At Program level:

Click on Setup tab of program and then drag and drop the SFDC campaign sync and then create a campaign if it’s not created yet or search for the existing campaign.

This approach will sync all the leads into SFDC campaign irrespective of their status. As soon as the program will have new members, all those new members will get synced with Salesforce campaign with their status.

To use this approach, you have to make sure that your program status and SFDC campaign status are same.

To get the correct success rate, you have to change the status by smart campaign.

             Eg. Change program status to Engaged or Converted (Depend upon your progression in channel.)

CONS: Once you will set the SFDC campaign id at program level, then you cannot use the same campaign id for another program at program level. Now in this Scenario the Naming convention is really helpful. If you are not using any Naming convention, then you will not able to find the program which is associated with SFDC campaign id. Then you need to reach support team and ask them to provide you the program name. There is already an idea created by Grégoire Michel in the community Being able to identify in SFDC when a campaign is mapped with a program.

2)      SFDC campaign in Smart Campaign Flow Step:

This approach will sync the leads with SFDC only when the lead will fulfill the criteria set in Smart list tab.

E.g. We only want to sync leads who will fill the form or we want leads who are ready for sales team.

In this approach if both Campaign and program channel has different status, then also we can sync the leads and change their status as per the SFDC campaign status by using the flow step “Change status in SFDC campaign”.

Eg. Status in Marketo Program-> Clicked, Converted

    Status in SFDC campaign -> Sent Responded