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Are you still using a sheet to note down attendees at your event location? It may seem easy but very difficult to manage specially once event is over. I have been working with my client who was managing the attendance manually in the sheet but most of the time we end-up with no post event emails because I never received any attendees list. Really SAD..


Marketo always tried to lessening manual effort whether it's lead management or customer experience.


I am sure you must have heard about the Marketo Check-in App. (If not then read the article HERE). It's very easy to use and most important it helps you to automate the status change. I am sharing here step by step process with the screenshot.


1. Create Marketo event program

2. Once you have created the program, open program setup tab and click on event actions then click on schedule (see highlighted section in green)


Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 4.46.46 pm.jpgScreen Shot 2018-08-30 at 11.39.57 am.png

3. Once you will schedule the event, event name and leads will appear in the iPad or android device, whichever you are using. (Screenshot below)


NOTE: Once scheduled date is over It will automatically disappear from the check-in app.

Follow the below process in you checkin app to proceed further:


Login Marketo event checkin app in you iPad or android device


Select your event in the left side panel




Once you selected the event, all the registered leads will be appearing in your screen. In the Left Panel (List of leads) and right panel with lead description such as Name, Title, Company, Email & Phone.




You just have to select the lead (you can also search by the name) and in the right panel click on CHECK-IN. This particular lead will be marked as attended in the marketo event program.


To manage rest of the leads whose status is still registered and who have not attended the event, you can either create a smart campaign to change their status to NO SHOW or go to program member and select all leads with registered status and change their status.


I hope this will help you. Pleas feel free to comment if you have any questions.


Sant Singh Rathaur

Hey Folks,


I know you might be facing this problem. It took me almost two months to understand, why it's not getting tagged with every lead. I uploaded my list, following the defined process as below:


STEP 1 > STEP 2 > STEP 3 Respectively...



I have selected the acquisition program in the last dialogue box but some of my leads are not getting tagged with same and the reason was, these leads were already created in my marketo database without their PI details (email address, first name, last name, contact details etc). Either they have visited a marketo landing page or they visited a website page which has munchkin code in it.


When marketo upload the leads, It never check whether acquisition program is empty or not. If lead is in the database then it's will skip the acquisition program update and if it's not then then it will update the record.


Ideally it should update the acquisition program if it's blank but this is how it is.


Hope it will help! Please correct me if I was wrong or there is any other possibility as well.




We all used to hear this term again and again but every-time this comes with a different answer. It's well explained in the infographic .


I found this infographic in LinkedIn shared by some unknown person but seems helpful.


Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 10.34.10 am.png

We all may be working in marketo since last 3-4-5 years but to clear your marketo certification exam you must have knowledge about admin panel as well. Sadly or I would say company policy doesn't allow everyone to give admin access. I will be writing series of blogs covering admin panel with screenshot and first one goes here with marketo event partners.


Do you know, Marketo has increased event partners in past 1 years. You can see the screenshot below:


        Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 12.43.03 pm.png

I will be coming back with another admin panel stuff in few days. Please feel free to ask questions about the same.



Sant Singh Rathaur

I know everyone wants to keep their data normalised but big question is HOW?


Below are the some steps which may help you:


1. Use mandatory fields in the form at-least which information is necessary for your business.
2. Your form should not be too long
3. Use hidden fields in the form to auto populate the information such as country, product / business tag

4. Use inferred field to normalize country, city etc.
5. Use flow steps to update the lead information

6. Implement email address validation rule for email address field so that no-one can enter invalid email address

7. Last but not least, we should do audit of database on regular basis.


Please feel free to add something or correct me if it's not best practice.

The standard technique of Marketo de-duplication for new-records is by email address. If records already exist in the marketo with similar email address then record will be updated with new/missing information only and if email address is not found then new record will be created.


Do you know you can customize the de-dup rule in Marketo?
See, de-dup customization is only viable when you have some other unique field (like email address) tagged with your lead then only it will be useful for your business.

For example:
I am into education domain and one lead can be tagged with the college name only once then you can use college name as your secondary key for de-duplication rule


If you set up a custom de-dup rule, Marketo will match on email as primary key, and another field as a secondary key. For example, if you add college name as a secondary de-dup field then see the scenario below:

Case 1: When lead entered the database for the first time, email address was “” and college name was “XYZ”

Marketo Action - New lead is created


Case 2: Lead entered the database with same email address “” but college name is different. College name is “ABC” then de-dup rule will check primary key first that is email address {Primary key matched} then it will check secondary key, college name which is different {Secondary key mis-matched}
Marketo Action: New lead is created with same email address but different college name

Case 3: Lead entered the database with same email address and college name as case 1 but this time it’s also tagged with mobile number and home address. Marketo will match primary key and secondary key {Match perfect}
Marketo Action: Lead created with case 1 will be updated with new information


Custom de-dup rules apply to list uploads, form submissions and most API integration but It does not apply to the native CRM sync like salesforce / Microsoft dynamics. These CRM uses their own de-dup rule and that is based on CRM ID.


I hope this blog will help you to understand Marketo de-duplication rule.


Sant Rathore

What assets we are talking about?


See, there are certain assets that can be only created under any program whereas few assets can be created either in the design studio or under any program in the marketing activities and these assets are:
1. Landing page

2. Emails

3. and Forms


For landing page and emails there is no difference at all. You can create them any of the above place as per your requirement.


Now, the third one is the form. When we create any form under a program in the marketing activities and  lead will submit their details through this form, that lead will become the member of this particular program. It simply means if you are using this form in the multiple program then your reporting will be getting affected or you would need to add an extra step in each campaign to assign acquisition program.


If this form was created in the design studio then there is no harm at all because in design studio we don't have anything like program and we can call this form under any program in the marketing activities.


Please let me know if i missed anything.



Sant Rathore

Hey Everyone,


It's been almost 5 years I have been working on Marketo and what I found is most of the companies who are using Marketo don't even know the capability of this powerful tool and they end up with the result that this tool is not meeting their requirement. I know it sounds strange to you as well.


Let me give you an example:
A company which was using Marketo for last 3-4 years with this setup


~ No solid lead scoring

~ Reporting is untouched, they are not using tag, no proper channels, period cost and acquisition program

~ No lead cleanup

~ You are not using engagement programs


Are you using all these functionality? If not then start using today and after 4-5 months you will see the result.


I will be writing next blog about how to tag Acquisition Program against the old captured lead.


Thank you!
Sant Rathore