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Sample MCE questions on Reporting

Blog Post created by Monika Nimmagadda on Dec 17, 2019


1) If a marketer wants to understand the growth of their database, which report should he/she review?
A) Leads by status
B) Leads by Campaign
C)Leads by performance
D) Leads by revenue stage


2) You should use the Leads by Source Report to do which of the following?
A) View Acquisition programs
B)View form fillouts
C) Compare lead generating and opportunity creation performance of your leads sources.
D) Monitor web traffic.


3) If you want to figure out how many people converted on a Marketo landing page, which report would you use?
A) Webpage activity
B) Lead performance
C) program performance
D) Landing page performance


4) This report shows how your leads are sharing content from your landing pages.
A) Webpage activity report
B) Social Influence report
C) Company web activity report
D) Email link performance report


5) Which report allows you to create Drill-Down reports?
A) Opportunity influence report
B) Lead performance report
C) Email link performance report
D) Email Performance report


6) If you want to see anonymous visitors to your websites, which of the following report would you run?
A) Webpage activity report
B) Lead by source report
C) Company web activity report
D) Leads by webpage report


7) Which social networks can be used to automatically fill out a form?
A) Google +, Tinder, and Microsoft
B) LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter
C) Social networks are not currently supported for this purpose
D)All social networks can be used.


8) Which of the following reports will show you conversion percentages based on a form fill out?
A) Webpage activity report
B) Landing page performance report
C) Leads by month Report
D) Email Link performance report


9) Which report indicates the ROI On your Marketing Programs?
A) Program performance report
B) Landing page performance report
C) Email performance report
D) Campaign Activity Report


10) To filter an Email Performance Report to show only activity from people in the UK, where would you apply this change?
A) Smart list
B) Setup tab
C) Filter tab
D) Setup bar


Please let me know if you would like me to post more questions and I'll be happy to share them.