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Ultimate Guide to end-to-end Marketo and Google Analytics Integration

Blog Post created by Volodymyr Khomichenko on Nov 12, 2018



Track Marketo Form Submission in Google Analytics


When creating your Marketo form you can elect to have a “Thank You Page” or create a more sophisticated workflow. By default, the user is just presented with a notice in an overlay. The technique presented here leverage the Marketo Forms 2.0 API in order to have a generic and consistent method of tracking successful forms submissions. Following those simple steps will allow you to track a virtual page view or an event in Google Analytics.


Google Tag Manager (GTM) is the preferred method of deploying and managing Google Analytics (GA) tags and demonstrated throughout this document.


1. Create your Marketo Form

Under the Marketo Design Studio, proceed as usual to create yours.


2. Integrate the Marketo Form to your Website

Embed the form as indicated under the Embed Code.


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