How to upload same lead in different different workspaces in marketo?

Blog Post created by e3f64393dc6fdff616811b1183e53ffd2a114ef4 on Sep 3, 2018

There could be business requirements to target leads which are available in other workspaces. Either you can use shared workspace or you can upload the leads in other workspaces. However, Marketo will show the error while uploading the same lead in different-2 workspaces.


There are so many ways to do this. However, I have used the below steps to do the same.


Step 1: Create a temporary Email address field in Marketo.

Step 2: While uploading the lead (which is already availabe in other workspace) store the real email address in this temp filed and give any unique email address in email field.

Step 3: Once uploaded, just replace the email address filed with temp email address's value. This can be done easily by using a single smart campaign.


Smart campaign steps:


Smart list: Here we need to identify the lead. There are many ways to do this. However, I have used the below filters for this.

  • Email address is:  Temp filed/Unique email address value
  • Temp filed (Mailing address) is not empty


Flow step:


Mailing address field: I have used this field as a Temp email address field, where I have stored the correct email address.


Please share your feedback & also let me know if there could be more efficient way to do this.