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Many of our customers ask us, “What’s the best time to send out emails”. Before we dive into numbers, let’s get technical first…..

For starters, there is a lot that should go into play before sending your emails:

  • The quality of prospects is and should be #1. We target our audience by as many segments as possible for example the industry of your customers, healthcare/doctors have different hours as compared to a school teacher or restaurant owner.
  • The subject line should stand out.
  • Make sure you are sending emails according to each main region time zone.
  • Personalize your emails when possible.

Let’s dive into the numbers now and figure out when is the best time to send emails. In this research, they took the results from 998,384 emails that were successfully delivered over 12 months, sent out between 8 am to 5 pm. Here are the numbers:

tABLE-1 (2).pngdddddd.png

In the first impression, it seems that all day would be a good time to send emails, but the open rate is not what we are looking for real. We want our customers to respond to our emails, therefore, we should look at the response rate numbers:



Now it’s clear, sending the emails early in the morning will get you the best results. From 08:00 to 11:00 the response rate was 75.77% of all responses.

You can conduct your own research by running numbers by yourself.

Part of seeing what times work best for your customers is to look at past emails you’ve sent. Check the open rate and response rate reports to check on patterns.  Another popular way to find the best time is to conduct an A/B test, by sending an email to different groups at a different time and then comparing the results.


What Is The Best Time To Send Emails - Responsive  Marketing