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We all used to hear this term again and again but every-time this comes with a different answer. It's well explained in the infographic .


I found this infographic in LinkedIn shared by some unknown person but seems helpful.


Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 10.34.10 am.png

We all may be working in marketo since last 3-4-5 years but to clear your marketo certification exam you must have knowledge about admin panel as well. Sadly or I would say company policy doesn't allow everyone to give admin access. I will be writing series of blogs covering admin panel with screenshot and first one goes here with marketo event partners.


Do you know, Marketo has increased event partners in past 1 years. You can see the screenshot below:


        Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 12.43.03 pm.png

I will be coming back with another admin panel stuff in few days. Please feel free to ask questions about the same.



Sant Singh Rathaur

I know everyone wants to keep their data normalised but big question is HOW?


Below are the some steps which may help you:


1. Use mandatory fields in the form at-least which information is necessary for your business.
2. Your form should not be too long
3. Use hidden fields in the form to auto populate the information such as country, product / business tag

4. Use inferred field to normalize country, city etc.
5. Use flow steps to update the lead information

6. Implement email address validation rule for email address field so that no-one can enter invalid email address

7. Last but not least, we should do audit of database on regular basis.


Please feel free to add something or correct me if it's not best practice.