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Ronen Wasserman
Click to view contentIn a considerable amount of cases we see companies that invest vast amounts of money in campaigns and advertising, but don't get the accurate information about the effectiveness of those campaigns. Each company runs different types of campaigns, and of course, they would like to know which is the best channel to invest in.   One of the issues is… (Show more)
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Abhishek Chandra
I am an active user in my Marketo instance, but I am not appearing in database. Please find the screen shot below:   What could be the reason for the same? How can I check my activities?
Sant Singh Rathaur
Reference URL for previous topic: Program Fundamentals! Here are the next 5 questions from Targeting & Personalization section. This section is completely focussed on correct and incorrect usage of tokens, folder tree structure and how tokens will be inherited, purpose of default value in token, difference between smart list and segmentation,… (Show more)
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Santosh Wakode
I am creating separate email asset for every announcement which I need to send using marketo. In marketo we have Program under this we have Campaign and using this campaign we are sending emails, each campaign may have hundred of email assets, we are creating email asset separate for each announcement to get report as per email to analyse no. of… (Show more)
Abhishek Chandra
I have a couple of links included in email content and there is a CTA button to redirect audiences to a landing page. For scoring the click email activity, what will be the best way to differentiate between click link in email and click CTA button?
Alba Clérigues Abel
Hi all! Just letting you know we’ll be holding our next Marketo Fundamentals training in London on April 3rd-5th. This course is geared towards Marketo beginners and people who have some background and are looking to refresh their skills. More info: Marketo Fundamentals Training | JTF Marketing
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Karan Hari
Hello Marketing Nation,   For all Marketo users who cannot attend the 2019 Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, your Marketo Virtual User Group Leaders have combined forces to provide one large live panel discussion from the conference floor at the Wynn Las Vegas!   Join us for Marketo VMUG Summit Panel at The Wynn Las Vegas, or Zoom from around the world… (Show more)
Vidhi Khare
Hi, I was just curious to know if anyone has appeared for this certification and where could I find the Questions Bank(if there is any) to give mock test. As pretty soon, I will be appearing for the same. Also, after giving exam, can I expect the results to be out straight away or is there a waiting period?   Thanks and Regards, Vidhi
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