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First Adobe - Marketo Webinar - Key take away

Blog Post created by Abhishek Chandra on Nov 15, 2018

It was the first joint session conducted by Adobe and Marketo post complete acquisition, it was focused on positioning Adobe & Marketo, their joint go-to-market strategy, and how their respective partners can leverage the platforms today.


Session covered the following aspects:


The vision

Though Adobe have the best-in-class solutions for marketing, analytics, advertising and commerce but they still had challenges to cater the requirement for their B2B customers. With 40% of their customers base is B2B, acquisition of Marketo will provide an exponential strength in the range of solution offering.

With Marketo on-board, together they can offer, in addition to the current services:

  • Lead management solutions
  • A/B testing and personalization capabilities
  • Account based marketing
  • Advance analytics with multi touch attribution


Introduction of Marketo and Adobe platforms

They shared a little introduction of both the tools to make sure that their respective partners and users understand the features and functionalities of tools.Overview of digital experience that adobe offers with its Experience platform and going forward Marketo partners can leverage it to offer better services to clientsFor adobe partners, the introduction of Marketo offering beyond the adobe cloud.


Decision Tree

For the respective partners who offers Marketo and Adobe services to their clients, the session also touched the sales aspect for both the tools. They shared a basic decision tree which will help the partners to understand when to offer Marketo services and when to pitch for Adobe solutions. This can be used till further updates and in case it is difficult to make decision based on tree, they will be ready to help, and partner sales manager can be reached out to discuss it further and prepare the solution.They have also shared a few scenarios, especially for Q4 engagement, to make smooth transition for all the clients and partners. The scenarios include, what to do if:

  • Adobe account is interested in Marketo and vice versa
  • If you are in current Marketo or Adobe cycle with your client or they are competing in current cycle
  • If your customer is due for renewal and need additional offerings from either of the tool


Focus on Q4

The primary target is to finish Q4 strong, to achieve that they have put together the rules of engagements for themselves and partners to follow.

Also, as far as, tools are concerned, both Marketo and Adobe campaign will work as separate entity in Q4, they are still working on how they will be integrating both the tools and how both the technologies will be leveraged.

There will be no organizational or support change in Q4


Next steps for partners

Existing Marketo partners will continue to have sandbox and partner portal access, in addition to it they can sign up to adobe partner program immediately and start leveraging the same.

For existing Adobe partner, they are still working on to provide access of Marketo partner program and more information will be shared as and when it is ready.

Also, they will be conducting more session in future to keep on updating the progress to their partners.