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Chandra Nixon
Can you embed a Marketo form into a email?  if so point me in the right direction. I need to create a email campaign that includes a form to fill out and then submit to us... Can you create the email and then embed the form in Marketo?
Nitin Sharma
Hi,   I have tried to extract the leads through bulk lead extract API but i didn't get any response:   - It's showing no error with 200 Ok. - i have used below body part {    "fields": [       "firstName",       "lastName"    ],    "format": "CSV",    "columnHeaderNames": {       "firstName": "First Name",       "lastName": "Last Name"… (Show more)
Sathish Arumugam
I have a niche requirement. create a webform and store form data in custom objects but not integrating it to SFDC. The form submission should email to a group or distribution list. Is it possible in marketo? if yes, how do we setup?
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