• Baltimore Marketo User Group Meeting - December 4, 2018

    Join us Tuesday, Dec 4 from 5-7p! Baltimore MUG will be celebrating as we wrap up 2018 and get excited for what 2019 has in store. This is also your chance to join us and share what topics you want us to cover in 2019...
    Will Davis
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  • SEO Platforms

    Does anyone have a recommendation for an SEO platform?  We can't use Marketo's because our SSL Certificate is too long (2048). 
    Emily Hesley
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  • Baltimore Marketo User Group - September 26, Port Public House

    Multi-Product Scoring and Engagement Join us to see a real life case of building multiple product lead scoring algorithms, engagement programs, and campaign strategies for an enterprise organization.  We’ll...
    Kim Meyers
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  • Double Opt-In with Triggered Emails

    When someone needs to go through the double opt-in process, how can you ensure emails that are held will send after they confirm their opt-in?   For example: On our website someone fills out a form to download ...
    Bailly Coons
    created by Bailly Coons
  • Return Path Alternative???

    Should have brought this up in last night's meeting, but didn't think of it...   Does anyone use or recommend an alternative to Return Path? We're nearing our contract with them and frustrated with their support...
    Jared Rigler
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  • Save the date! July 25

    Our July meeting will be on Wednesday the 25th in the evening - so save the date on your calendar! Details coming soon! If you haven't registered yet for our June 20 meeting at Zerofox, you can do so here: https://na...
    Kim Meyers
    created by Kim Meyers
  • Slides from Summit

    In case you haven't seen this already - here's a link to access the session decks from Summit. You should only have to submit the form once. https://go.marketo.com/MNS18-Registration-Presentation-Decks.html   A...
    Kim Meyers
    created by Kim Meyers
  • Multi-campaign tracking

    Question for the team -   We have a campaign that has 3 landing pages - LP 1- general landing page with a form LP 2 - the "thank you" page with a link to download aPDF+ an on-demand webinar/youtube video + a ...
    Katie Roberts
    created by Katie Roberts
  • Welcome New Members!

    Please join me in welcoming Allison Isett, Meghana Rao, Susan Brown, Bailly Coons & Dionne Sanders to the Baltimore Marketo User Group!   Upcoming Meetings: We've been quiet during the summer, but are geari...
    Kim Meyers
    created by Kim Meyers
  • eOriginal Looking for Digital Marketing Manager with Marketo experience

    Hi Baltimore MUG,   eOriginal has been searching for a Digital Marketing Manager with a strong Marketo background. Job position is here: http://eochats.Tech/Kxrj30fpHEP If you know anyone please feel free to fo...
  • Adding .vcf file to email

    Hello,   Does anyone know if Marketo currently supports adding .vcf file in the email template so recipients can add the email as a contact for better deliverability?   I've done a quick search in the com...
  • MCE- Practice Exam

    Hello Community!   Is there a Marketo Certified Expert Practice exam available?   I've seen this mentioned a few times, have clicked on the link to access it, and have received a 'Page Not Found. Please c...
  • What are you doing Wednesday evening?

    Please join our Baltimore Marketo User Group meeting this Wednesday (3/29) from 5-7pm where we'll discuss: Email in 2017 and beyond.... How artificial intelligence will change the industry and make you a happier mark...
    Kim Meyers
    created by Kim Meyers
  • Pre-filling forms hosted on your own website

    Hi Group! I was wondering if anyone has tried this (or other techniques) to pre-fill forms hosted on a website rate than a Marketo landing page. Any feedback on pros and cons that would be worth sharing? http://deve...
    Will Davis
    created by Will Davis
  • Setting up Interesting Moments to monitor Lead Activity

    Hello Community!   I am still getting familiar with all of the fascinating ins and outs of Marketo and its capabilities. I'd like to set up an interesting moment to compile of a list of leads that visit specific...
  • Marketo Training Resources

    Hello Baltimore MUG members!   I'm looking for more advanced Marketo training resources. I've done the foundation training, reviewed the product docs, and watched the videos in University. I'm looking for sugges...
  • Marketo For Sale?

    Hi All, I heard that there may have been an announcement at Summit. http://www.recode.net/2016/5/11/11657340/marketo-sale-sap-microsoft-buy Business Tech Firm Marketo Hires Bank For Potential Sale - Fortune What ...
  • Tentative Baltimore MUG, 4/27/16

    Welcome new Baltimore MUG members! We're trying to lock down a location for a Baltimore MUG on Wednesday, April 27. If you have an office space that could support this event, please send me a message.
    Kim Meyers
    created by Kim Meyers
  • Well hello there, new email editor!

    The new email editor was turned on for us today. Anyone else using it? Any pain points I should know about?
    Kim Meyers
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  • Adding Custom Objects

    I am understanding that Marketo now allows syncing to custom Salesforce objects that are NOT related to Lead, Account or Contact. However, there does not seem to be much, if any documentation on how to do so. Any insi...