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Marketo Sky: What's Next for the Design Studio?

Blog Post created by Michelle Lewis on Dec 2, 2019

In this blog series, we’ve reviewed an intro to Marketo Sky, My Marketo, the Navigation Panel, Search Tool, and Marketing Activities. What does that leave? Updates for Database, Analytics and Admin are still being made for Marketo Sky, so we’re left with: Design Studio! The center for all things aesthetic in Marketo.


As of 12/19, Images and Files, Email Templates, Landing Page Templates, Landing Pages and Forms asset pages are available to access from the drop-down menu.


All others are coming soon, however if you click on the individual asset in the Tree or Recent Design Studio Assets some will open successfully in Marketo Sky.


From the homepage, you can browse all Design Studio assets, upload a new image or file, and access individual Design Studio types. At any time, you can click on the Workspace to go back to the homepage.


The icons and badges for assets have an updated look. Here’s a breakdown of each icon in a handy visual from the Marketo community – thank you Marketo! Want a more in-depth look? Review our previous Marketo Sky Search Tools blog. I’ve also included a visual of the different icons for each asset type currently available in Marketo Sky.


Marketo Sky Icons


Another new feature of Marketo Sky is – labels! Add Labels – up to 10 per asset – to any asset to improve searchability. For example, add the label “headshot” to all of your headshot images in the Design Studio Images and Files to easily search all headshot images at once. Think of labels as meta tags for your assets in Marketo.


What’s next?


We’ve talked about what’s currently available and we’ve talked about what’s not available – but what’s on the way? Below are the Sky improvements that are currently In Progress.

  • Adobe Experience Manager Asset Integration
  • Image Editing in Design Studio powered by Adobe Creative Cloud
  • List Views for Assets
    • Email List View
    • Forms List View
    • Snippet List View
  • Test Group Details Page for Landing Pages
  • Email Champion/Challenger Details Page
  • Asset Details Pages
    • Snippets


You can view the Complete, In Progress, On Deck and Future State items for Marketo Sky here.


Quick Click for Marketo Sky’s Top New Features


Want a quick-click guide to Marketo Sky that summarizes Marketo Sky’s top features? Access the guide here.


  • My Marketo Widgets
  • Navigation Panel
  • Marketing Activities Tree with Advanced Filtering
  • Search Tool
  • Labels
  • Icons & Badges
  • Saved Rules and Flows in Smart Campaigns
  • Set Expiration for Assets
  • Mass Actions on Assets
  • Overall look, feel, and user experience!


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