Ariel Sasso

Hard Bounces can be  Sales Best Friend

Blog Post created by Ariel Sasso on Jan 31, 2017

What if there was an easy way to catch a potential gap on your high priority leads while creating a touch point opportunity for sales?

There is an entire niche of leads that can be enriched but are often thrown away. Why not use hard bounces as a potential lead source?


There is a very simple way how, and it can work for B2C and B2B companies, lets take a look at both scenarios.


Scenario One: You are a professional sports team, and your focus is B2C with an emphasis on  selling season memberships. How would you build your campaign. This will need to be a balance between behavioral and demographic traits.  First, I would talk to sales. What are they looking for in a hot lead? Second, take a look at your data. What pages, or forms see the highest activity and conversion rates.


When working for an NBA team, we would look at leads that were visiting pages that directly related to our largest source of fan revenue. Our second concern were leads that filled out the fan profile since this was a little longer of a form and took more commitment to fill out. You can then use that information to build your formula for capturing potential sale leads.


We identified two groupings of hard bounces we wanted to capture.You will need to make sure your forms require a phone number to contact them, if they don't or you use progressive profiling forms you can add an additional "phone number is not empty" filter.


1.  Email=invalid + High Priority Form Fill (membership fan profile)  = Add to list


2. Email = Invalid + Form Any + visits webpage (min 3 times) + phone number= Add to list


Once you figure out your equation you can start building your smart campaign.



In your flow step, you will want to add them to a list.  You can also send an alert for real time customer relationship management by having a sales team member contacting the lead to collect the correct information. 



Work with your sales manager to identify the best cadence for delivering these leads. Depending on the size of your lead database, and number of hard bounces you can either route them directly to sales, or provide a list on a weekly/monthly/daily basis.


Scenario Two: You are a small B2B company that sells security solutions to companies that use POS software (point of purchase). Use your demographic lead scoring model as a template.  This will be directly based on your specific market traits, and the buyer persona you are looking for.


  1. Hard Bounce +Title+Industry+ Form Any + Phone Number = Potential Sales Lead
  2. Hard Bounce +Trial Form Fill = Potential Sales Lead


The size of your lead database will help determine the parameters of your smart list. If you are a smaller business, with less lead generation, you may want to set less defined thresholds for a higher lead count. However, the larger and more complex your sales cycles become, the more you will need to define and set specific thresholds to avoid an overload of hard bounces.


Now let's build out the smart list:



I would make sure to consult with your Sales Manager on how to handle these leads, especially if you have different sales teams per product. You will want to at least add them to a list if you find the alert is not needed. 



And there is it. Now you have setup  a hard bounce enrichment program for leads that have invalid email addresses. You will need to keep in mind how you want the lead to re-enter the system, and where you want to route them for nurturing. This will strongly be dependent on how your instance is setup and the CRM software you are using. Future blog to come!


BONUS: If you don't have a phone number, but a do have a mailing address, you can change up the triggers and try a direct mail touch. Sending a letter encouraging them to update their information on your website, may just be the push they need to become a nurturable lead. Make sure you have a specific form or tracking method for collecting this information to measure the result of your campaign.