Ariel Sasso

Munchkin Code Monitoring: Finding Leaks in your Marketo Tracking Code

Blog Post created by Ariel Sasso on Jan 20, 2017

When is the last time you checked your  munchkin tracking code on your website?


If it’s been a while, you may have a gap in your tracking and not even know it. Generally, we see different departments in a company managing their website and Marketo Instance. If your website manager forgets to add or accidentally deletes the munchkin code on a page, it can cause significant loss of data, including lost leads, behavioral tracking, scoring and sales opportunities.


So how do you ensure that your munchkin code tracking stays consistent and accurate?


Here are 2 easy ways to ensure the right pages are being tracked and are working.

  1. Download the Ghostery App and audit your site on a regular basis 
    1. Once it’s downloaded a little icon in your browser bar will appear. When you click on the ghost icon, a list of  tracking cookies will show up. If you don't see Marketo, then Houston you got a problem
    2. ghostery.JPG
  2. Check your 5 highest priority pages and test that your Munchkin code is firing correctly on a quarterly basis
    1. Steps For Checking Your Munchkin Code is working
      1. Load your website in your browser
      2. Right-click on screen and select ‘Inspect'
      3. Click the ‘Network' Tab'
      4. Scroll to the bottom of the window and search for 'visit webpage', If it’s there then your munchkin code is working. (see image below)


Your Marketo Munchkin code is a lifesource of your instance, make sure to keep your data healthy and leads on the right track with these two simple tips! If you have a high turnover of website pages, you may want to consider more frequent auditing.