Cleveland June MUG Meeting: Ice Cream Sundae Bar!

Created by Chelsea Kiko Champion on Jun 2, 2019

Thursday, June 27, 2019 at Independence Branch of Cuyahoga County Public Library; 6361 Selig Dr, Independence, OH 44131

Starts at 11:30 AM · Ends at 1:15 PM, PST (America/Los_Angeles)

Come join the rest of the Cleveland MUG Community to hear from local Champions and create your own Ice Cream Sundae! 

Housekeeping - 2:30-3
Loren & Carissa Presentation - 3-3:45
Networking Session on Topics throughout the year - 3:45-4:15

We will be having a networking session along with hearing fromLoren Posendek & Carissa Russell


Session: Request Campaign Functionality & Learnings

Are you spending too much time manually scheduling smart campaigns that are supposed to run in a cadence after one another? Do you refresh the smart campaign results tab to manually review sync errors? It’s time to harness the power of Marketo's 'request campaign' functionality.

Loren Posendek & Carissa Russell will share how they use a series of campaign requests to completely automate program processing in order of operations, in a repeatable fashion.


This session will show:
- How to use request campaign (coupled with tokens) to automate operational alerts
- The power of operational smart lists within flows to request campaigns
- How to break down complex workflows into sections that make for easier change management


If Marketo's 'Request Campaign' functionality has eluded you in the past: look no further. Let us help you break it down on how you can easily implement this in campaigns you're already using every day.

Networking Session:

The MUG leaders want to know what topics the members would like to see throughout the year and any sponsors they'd love to hear from. Come prepared with thoughts on topics or meeting styles to help the continued success of our meetings!

*If any member has dietary restrictions, please email ckiko@hileman.biz

Independence Branch of Cuyahoga County Public Library; 6361 Selig Dr, Independence, OH 44131