Email Optimization Strategies, July 25, Baltimore MUG

Created by Kim Meyers on Jul 2, 2018

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 at Hull Street Blues Cafe

Starts at 2:00 PM ยท Ends at 4:30 PM, PST (America/Los_Angeles)

  • Kim Meyers
  • Will Davis
  • Jared Rigler

Back by popular demand! Mike Donnelly of Seventh Sense will join our July meeting to discuss:

Email Optimization Strategies

Email is a powerful and decentralized tool for communicating with customers and leads. Unlike social media followers, you own your email list. You don't have to pay to reach them like an advertising audience. Sending an email is essentially free though. A single email can be sent to 1 or 1 million people with the same amount of effort. It's this great usability and low cost that is email’s greatest pitfall for marketers.


If you treat an email like a commodity, you will get commodity results. Your email database is only as valuable as your ability to reach the people in it. If you abuse your subscribers, over time, the attention your subscribers will give you will fall and so will your domain reputation. Return Path found that on average, only 80% of legitimate marketing email makes it to the inbox, but for senders with the worst domain reputations, less than 1% of email made it to the inbox.


If you blast emails like its still 2015, then yes, it's fair to say that email marketing is dead. But if you use technology to build an email program on a good foundation of best practices, email marketing can easily be the most cost-effective tool to help your client’s scale.


Please invite any friends and colleagues interested in email marketing!

Special thanks to Seventh Sense for sponsoring this meeting!

Seventh Sense for Marketo mines engagement data to build profiles on every person that has engaged with you and then automatically discovers the best time to send email to each individual and at what frequency. Then it empowers you to automatically deliver your campaigns at a personalized delivery time and with the right frequency.

Hull Street Blues Cafe

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