NL - Marketo User Group: Drinks, Bites, and a Boat?

Created by Diederik Martens Expert on Jan 25, 2017

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 at Utrecht City Centre

Starts at 6:00 AM · Ends at 9:00 AM, PST (America/Los_Angeles)

NL - Marketo User Group: Drinks, Bites, and a Boat?

The Netherlands Marketo user group, focussing on BeNeLux, will meet again on 4 July 2017 for informal drinks in Utrecht. Please arrive on time at 15:00, as we neef to depart at Some time ;-)




Get on board at Oude Gracht 177 in Utrecht (departure no later than 15:30!)

This is verf close to the Central Station. Parking at Springweg is around the corner.
For help call Maarten (+31657884398), Diederik (+31615291986)




The boat had a toilet and full bar in board. Maarten and I Will try to expense the drinks with Marketo. So please join us for a 'cruise' on the canals of Utrecht city centre. Some of us will probably stay to get dinner somewhere afterwards.


Bad weather?

When the weather is bad, we'll go to Café Oudaen at Oude Gracht 99. If so, we'll notify you in advance.


Want to join later And skip the cruise?

We'll be back at Oude Gracht 177 around 17:00 (no later than 17:30). We will then go to Café Oudaen at Oude Gracht 99. If you would like you van also join us after the boat trip.

Utrecht City Centre

Oude Gracht 177 Utrecht Netherlands

+31615291986 · info@diederikmartens.com