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“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement"

- James Harrington

For all the activities we do, be it a marketing activity or sales, measuring the performance is one of the most important part to understand it in a better way. Same goes with the marketing automation, no matter what we do, be it an email campaign or defining the lead lifecycle model, measuring the performance is the vital part. Analytics is the only way we can find out whether we are on right path or an improvement is required.

Marketo also have the analytics and reporting application to measure all the activities we do in it. Some of the out of the box reports available in Marketo are as follows:

  • Campaign Email Performance Report
  • Company Web Activity and Web page activity report
  • People Performance Report
  • People by Status Report
  • Landing Page Performance Report
  • Email Link Performance Report
  • Program Performance Report
  • Engagement Stream Performance Report
  • Email Insights
  • Success Path Analyzer etc.

Marketo also have functionality to integrate with its LaunchPoint partners for more advance analytics. In this document, I am going to cover the insights available in Marketo, though in some cases Marketo does not provide very advance reports and also there is limitation of having the program status and period cost to generate advance analytics, but it still provides good insight about the all the activities we perform.

Starting with an email campaign, we have the “Email Performance Report”. This report gives information about the performance of an email. We can create the smart list to select the email, we can also select multiple emails for the insights. The report includes:

Email sent – number of emails sent, Email delivered – number of emails delivered, % Delivered email etc. Please find below screen shot having the email performance report and also the definition of few important fields:




The report also has option to select and deselect the columns to be included in report and it can be exported as an excel file.



Next report which gives more insight about the email is “Email Link Performance” report. It shows the insights about the links used in a particular email. With the help of smart list we an select the emails required to be included in report and we get the information which link has been clicked how many times. Please find the screen shot below:

The report in the above screen shot shows that how many times a link, in an email, has been clicked. But it does not represent the unique clicks, it shows total number of clicks. As shown in above example – there are 2 links, one of them has been clicked 2 times and second one has been clicked 25 times but we need to consider the below points:


  • If one person clicks the link 25 times, even then the reports gives number of clicks as 25 and in people field it will show 1
  • Also, for multiple links in an email, it may be possible that one person has clicked on all the links, so in the above example it is possible that 25 people have clicked on both the links 27 times

The next report we must look after understanding the email performance is the “Program Performance Report”.  This report provides the information about all the programs we have in system. With the help of this report, we can identify:

  • New names acquired by the program
  • Program cost details
  • Number of members have achieved success in the program

Please find below the screen shot of the report:



We can filter a program report by:

  • Period cost – focus on specific period cost time frame
  • Program – select specific programs to compare their performances
  • Tags – report on specific tags
  • Shows the number of visits that originated from various social media platforms


In a program, we can define a success status as “filled out form” and we put forms on our landing page. So, the next report which can relate to our program performance report is the “Landing Page Performance Report”.

This report shows how many times the landing page has been viewed and how many times the form has been filled out. But it also does not provide the unique number. So, if one person has viewed the form multiple times, report will show all the numbers in total views.


Among the columns in the report, Conversions and Conversion % reflect the number of times someone filled out a form.

To verify the conversion rate in the above report, we can create a smart list with “Filled out form” filter and it will give the list of people who have filled the respective form.

With the help of all the above reports, we will have a fair amount of idea that how our campaigns have performed and what changes (if any) required in our strategy. Along with these reports Marketo also provides an exclusive report for Engagement programs, where we can find out how all the streams in the programs have performed. We can have the complete information from “Engagement Stream Performance Report”, this report shares the information of all the emails in a stream and it also have option to select the emails with the help of smart list. Also, we can select the time period for the report and update it in report set-up.



Though the report is exactly same as email performance report because it gives information about the emails, but from the analysis point of view it gives the insight about the engagement of program members. How many of the members are moving from one stream to another and for how many members, change in the strategy is required.

Apart from the reports about campaigns, programs and the assets used in these, Marketo also provide insight about the people in the database. “People Performance Report” and “People Status Report” gives information about the growth of the database, insights about the number of people added in which month and also provide information about their respective statuses on monthly basis. By comparing the monthly reports we can analyze how many people in our database are moving towards success status. People performance report also have an amazing feature of “Drill Down”, it is the only report in Marketo which support drill down option. With drill down option we have additional information about the leads in a specific row. Below screenshots show both the reports and information they include:


In addition to these reports Marketo also have reports which helps in understanding the people behavior and how are they engaging with us apart from just email clicks and open. Email insights report is one of such report and with the help of this report we understand where our campaigns are making impact and what are those areas where attention is required. It shows on which day we have the maximum interaction, how are people viewing our assets whether its on mobile or any other device, it also gives information about the region from where we get maximum engagement. Below screen shots shows how all these insights appear in the report





In the end I would like to mention that these are few reports which are readily available in Marketo and which provides a fair bit of information about all the marketing activities and the assests used in these activities. There are few more reports which can be considered as a little advance, but to create those reports one has to be very careful about the data points in the system. Reports like Success Path Analyzer, Revenue Explorer, Opportunity Influence Analyzer etc. can be created but all have their own constraints, some of them are period cost, program status, lead lifecycle model etc. if you are not putting the relevant data in these fields then these reports will not have any credibility. So to use these reports an additional attention is required in collecting and putting the data which sometime become very cumbersome for the team who is actually launching the campaigns and also in case you are launching 100s of campaigns in a week, diligently updating the data is a challenge. Having said that Marketo still provides sufficient insight for marketing team to evaluate their tactics about promotional and other campaigns. As far as, reporting to CXOs is concerned, it is always advisable to leverage the LaunchPoint partners to get credible insights.