Unable to Reference Static Lists in Folders Shared Across Workspaces

A document by KCS Integration on behalf of Nathaniel Hendrickson on Apr 25, 2019Last modified by Roxann McGlumphy on Apr 26, 2019
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Issue Description
Users are unable to reference a static list that is in a shared folder.


Issue Resolution
Depending on how you're attempting to reference a static list located in a shared folder, you may be unable to do so. If you are using a 'Member of List' filter you will be able to see the static list. However if you're using the 'Was Added to List' filter or the 'Is Added to List/Is Removed from List' triggers you will not be able to see the same list. The reason for this is because the 'Member of List' filter is only looking at membership of the asset whereas 'Was Added to List' and the 'Is Added to List/Is Removed from List' triggers actually need to look at the activities of records. This would cause problems if the workspace where we are referencing the static list does not have access to the same partitions as the workspace that the static list lives in. So looking at only membership and not these activities makes for a much more consistent experience.


Who This Solution Applies To
Users with multiple Workspaces.