Sydney Datacenter Email Send Disruption 11/12/2018

Version 10

    Issue Description

    Customers based in our Sydney datacenter experienced a service issue which caused an intermittent disruption in email sends beginning 10:30 AM AEST local time on November 12, 2018. This issue was resolved at 1:00 pm AEST and all emails are now sending normally. No customers outside of the Sydney datacenter were impacted.


    During the impacted time frame, some email sends were lost and will not be delivered. The issue occurred intermittently during the affected time, so some emails were sent successfully, while others were not.


    This documentation provides details on how to identify the impacted lead records.


    Identifying Affected Leads



    • All lead records that were sent emails during the impacted time will show an "Email Sent" activity (as per normal behavior)
    • Leads that were not impacted and successfully had emails sent will show the corresponding "Email Delivered" or "Email Bounced" activities (as per normal behavior)
    • However, the impacted leads that emails did not send to will NOT have any "Email Delivered" or "Email Bounced" activity. They will show the "Email Sent" activity, but there will not be any corresponding activity to indicate what the result was - Delivered or Bounced.
    • The emails that failed to send will not be retried.
    • Leads impacted by this service issue will not receive the email unless customers choose to re-send it through another Campaign or Email Program send.


    Using Smart Lists to Identify Leads

    To identify affected leads create the following Smart List:

    • Filter logic: ALL filters


    • Flow Step #1:

    Was Sent Email

    Email is any

    Date of Activity is ‘2018-11-12’


    • Flow Step #2:

    Not Was Delivered Email

    Email is any

    Date of Activity is ‘2018-11-12’


    • Flow Step #3:

    Not Email Bounced

    Email is any

    Date of Activity is ‘2018-11-12’


    • Flow Step #4:

    Not Email Bounced Soft

    Email is any

    Date of Activity is ‘2018-11-12’


    Once complete, your Smart List will look like this:


    example smartlist.png



    The lead records returned by this Smart List will be the impacted records that did not have emails sent during the affected time frame.


    *NOTE: In a limited number of circumstances, there is a possibility that a very small number of leads did not have the "Email Sent" activity logged. This will be an uncommon occurrence, if it happens at all.

    Who This Solution Applies To

    Customers in the Sydney Datacenter. No customers whose Marketo instances are located in other datacenters are impacted in any way.


    Where to get additional help

    If you would like any additional help please contact Marketo Support.