How to Find the Version of Munchkin Script Being Used on a Web-Page

Version 2

    Issue Description
    You need to know the version of the munchkin script which is used by a particular web-page.


    Issue Resolution
    Munchkin version can be found by following the below steps:


    1. Open up your web browser
    2. Open developer console on your browser. Most other browsers use F12 to open developer tools.
    3. Visit the page on which the munchkin script is embedded
    4. Navigate to the network tab of the Developer console and search for munchkin


    You should find two attributes named “munchkin.js” and one of them will show a similar request URL as seen below



    The numerical value 154 is the munchkin version.



    NOTE: If you are not able to finds anything over the network tab, we would suggest that you refresh the webpage which has the munchkin script is embedded on it



    Developer console screenshot