Email Script Token Containing Variables Renders Incorrectly

Version 2

    Issue Description
    You put a variable inside an email token and when the email was sent, the variable rendered as text rather than as a link:





    Should expand to:

    {{my.CertainURLHREF}}?utm_source=${utm-source}&utm_content=${utm-content}&utm_medium=${utm-medium}&utm_campaign=${utm-campaign}&ajs_uid={{lead.Email Address}}&ajs_event=Email%20Clicked

    With the various tokens populated


    Instead it expands to this:$%7Butm-source%7D&utm_content=$%7Butm-content%7D&utm_medium=$%7Butm-medium%7D&utm_campaign=$%7Butm-campaign%7D&


    Issue Resolution
    Essentially, email template variables are used at design time to make building out an email easier. Tokens are used at send time to make data variable per program without having to edit the asset or lead.


    Putting email template variables inside tokens won't work for this reason. It is just how the current design works and you will not be able to put email template tokens inside my tokens or lead tokens.


    Unwrapping variables before you put them within the token will allow them to function properly. This removes the simplicity of the variable, but retains the functionality.