Testing Deliverability Using the Deliverability Tools Seed Lists

Version 2

    Issue Description
    Often times customers ask which messages they should send to the Email Deliverability Power Pack seedlist.  Consider these guidelines to prioritize.

    Issue Resolution

    • Routinely seed from each IP/domain combination
    • Prioritize seeding to any of the following:


      • High priority segments (customers, employees, investors, etc. that have high strategic value)
      • High risk segments (lapsed subscribers, new audiences, audiences that have not been mailed for more than 3 months) even if they are low volume
      • Segments showing poor/declining performance (lower opens/clicks/conversions)
      • Segments that reflect large audiences (weekly/monthly newsletters or operational notifications that go to the entire database)


    • Setup a recurring campaign that sends to one (or more) of the templates on a periodic basis, especially if you see declining performance.



    Who This Solution Applies To
    Customers with the Email Deliverability Power Pack