Marketo Sales Insight - Account Level Limits

Version 2

    Issue Description
    In Salesforce on the account level for Marketo Sales Insight, it does not show all the activities of the associated contacts.


    Issue Resolution
    Marketo Sales Insight only shows certain activities depending on how recently they occurred on the account level.

    • Interesting moments: last 60 days
    • Web Visit: last 3 days
    • Score Change: last 30 days
    • Email: Everything


    If you wanted to check activities past these dates you would need to go to the contact level and check the history there.


    The reason behind this is because at scale if there were 100s of contacts under one account and all contacts are active and creating activities it would be difficult to sift through the activities and may cause performance issues due to the sheer amount of data being displayed which is why this limitation is in place.


    Who This Solution Applies To
    Salesforce Marketo Sales Insight Users