Marketo University Offerings

Version 1

    Marketo University offers the following training products:


    Free Training Modules

    • A LEARN video to introduce the concept, what it is, why it’s important, and key considerations for success.
    • A WATCH video that provides instructions on how to approach and execute the topic within the Marketo Engagement Platform.
    • DO resources, which provide step-by-step written instructions on how to accomplish tasks in Marketo.
    • A CHECK assessment, which is a short quiz to assess whether someone has learned the core concepts of the training module.

    Instructor-led Classes

    • Available live virtually, via on site classrooms,  and on demand.
    • 14 courses that start with Marketo Core Concepts and dive into advanced specialties.
    • Available as individual purchases, in bulk purchase, or through Learning Passports.

    Learning Passports

    • Passport Unlimited: Includes access to all Marketo University training delivered through a variety of training formats.  You can attend any of our face-to-face classroom or instructor-led virtual courses, all taught by Marketo Certified Instructors.  Plus, the same courses are available as self paced, on-demand courses available 24/7.
    • E-Learning Passport: Includes access to all Marketo University training in a self paced training format.  Learn at your own pace with on-demand courses that are available 24/7.

    Private Delivery

    • Customizable training options available for your enterprise.
    • Buy entitlements in bulk to allow your employees to utilize adoption courses relevant to their specific needs.