Change Owner Flow Step Shows An SFDC User Twice, But Selecting Either Option Fails

Version 2

    Issue Description
    You are wanting to give a record a Sales Owner in Marketo, so you use a flow step of Change Owner or Sync Person To SFDC with a specific user in mind. When entering the user's (user in SFDC, Sales Owner in Marketo) name in the flow step to select it from the suggestion dropdown, you notice that the user appears twice. However, when running records through the flow step after selecting either option, you get an error. Further, when checking SFDC you notice that there are two active users with the same name.


    Issue Resolution
    Sales Owner names should be unique in SFDC for Marketo to be able to run records through this flow properly (e.g. if there are two users named "Marketo Sales", making one "Marketo Sales1" while leaving the other unchanged will correct the issue after the updated users sync over to Marketo) .


    Who This Solution Applies To
    Customers integrated with Salesforce