Difference between the Acquisition Program and Acquisition Program Name

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Issue Description
There are two filters available (Acquisition Program and Acquisition Program Name), but only Acquisition Program Name appears in the lead record and is available as a column in the lead views.  What is the difference between these?


Issue Resolution


At one point, the lead record contained two fields, Acquisition Program and Acquisition Program Name.  Acquisition Program Name was system managed, which meant it couldn't be changed by the user.  Acquisition Program, however, was user editable.  Eventually, the two fields were merged into a single field, Acquisition Program Name.  


However, to prevent Smart Lists and flow steps from breaking due to the change, some of the old field structure was retained.  Both "Acquisition Program" and "Acquisition Program Name" are still available as Smart List filters, but now they both point to the same field on the back end, Acquisition Program Name.


"Acquisition Program" is still available as an attribute in the Change Data Value flow step, and the data value changes will be written to the Acquisition Program Name field in the lead record.


Note: The field Acquisition Program Name is not enabled for manual edits.  To change it, you would need to use a Change Data Value flow step.

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