Remapping SFDC - Marketo fields

Version 2

    Issue Description
    You want to remap a synced SFDC field to a different field in Marketo.


    Issue Resolution

    Yes, it is possible to re-map Salesforce - Marketo fields after initial sync. For this you need to Contact Marketo support with following information.


    1. Marketo field name

    2. Salesforce field name

    3. Salesforce API name.

    4. Current Mapping

    5. Desired mapping


    Before initiating the re-mapping, please export the records and their field values from Marketo and import the values into their Salesforce or create a smart campaign to write the data from one field into the other. This is important so that there is no data loss after the remapping work has been performed. Marketo will not automatically push these values to SFDC, after the mapping is complete.


    Also note that each Marketo field can only be mapped to one SFDC field per object.  A Marketo field could be mapped to "SFDC_1 (Lead)" and "SFDC_1(Account)", but not to "SFDC_1(Lead)" and "SFDC_2(Lead)".


    Who This Solution Applies To
    Customers integrated with Salesforce.