Delay in Sync between Marketo Program Members and SFDC Campaign

Version 2

    Issue Description
    Marketo program Members are taking a long time to get updated in SFDC Campaigns


    Issue Resolution
    The Marketo Program to Campaign sync is not real time and will take time to update. The feature is dependent on the Marketo to SFDC background bi-directional sync.




    Marketo will generally sync SFDC and Marketo objects in the following order:


    • Lead
    • Account
    • Contact
    • User
    • Task
    • Opportunity
    • Opportunity Contact Role
    • Campaign
    • Campaign Member
    • Campaign Member Status



    As per the order, Campaign related objects are towards the bottom of the list. This means that all objects above it are synced first, and if there are any backlogs on those objects, the Campaign objects can queue up and cause delays.