Custom Deduplication Rules Not Being Followed

Version 5

    Issue Description
    In the process of testing Custom Deduplication (email address and first name, for example) on Form Fill Outs or other processes, you see that leads are still being deduplicated on address alone. For example:

    1. Fill out form with Email Address '' and First Name 'John' --> Lead is created with ID=1
    2. Fill out form with Email Address '' and First Name 'Mary' --> Lead is updated with ID=1. It is expected that a new lead is created for Mary as it does not have the same First Name as the first lead.


    Issue Resolution
    Check with Marketo Support to see if there are Custom Deduplication rules (email address and first name) applied on on the process that is creating or updating the leads.


    If the custom deduplication rules are in place, then it is possible in the process of testing, the cookie associated with the lead with ID=1 was not cleared after filling out the form the first time. So when the form was filled again on the same web browser session, the 'cookied' or 'tracked' lead with ID=1 was updated.


    Who This Solution Applies To
    Customers using custom deduplication rule on Form Fill Outs

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