Revenue Cycle Explorer Filter logic

Version 2

    Issue Description
    How do Revenue Cycle Explorer filters operate?


    Issue Resolution

    RCE Filters operate in the following ways:


    • Select from a List (Includes, Excludes) -- This filter type within RCE will let you include or exclude preset values
    • Match a specific string (Contains, Does not Contain) -- This filter type will let you enter a free form value such as Contains "We" to find statuses which may have Web in them. The not-contains would filter anyone who did not have "We" in the status.


    On either filter you can select Multiple Values. Within the Match a Specific String function click on [+] and add another value option and this will then add additional string areas to use.


    A example would be


    Status contains:

    • Reg
    • Regis
    • Registered
    • Registered - Web




    As you can see you can match to one of many values!


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    Customers with Revenue Explorer or Email Explorer