Making a Usable SSO Certificate from a SAML Response or XML Metadata

Version 1
    Issue Description
    You need a working certificate to put in the Single Sign-On section of Admin to get your SSO working. 

    Issue Resolution
    Pull the information contained in the tags: <ds:X509Certificate> . Copy and paste the text into a plain text file (Not a Word doc) then give it an extension of .cer or .cert. You should then see it displayed in file explorer with a certificate icon rather than a txt icon. When you double click to open the certificate, you should see a window open with three tabs (General, Details, and Certification Path). Click the details tab and choose "Copy to File...". Walk through the guided steps choosing "Base-64 Encoded" when given the option and give the file any name you want. The certificate generated from this process can be uploaded into the Marketo admin section for SSO.

    Who This Solution Applies To
    SSO Users